Honda Genuine Inner Axle Joint and Boot Kit, 2009-14 Acura TSX CU2

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Honda Genuine Inner Axle Joint and Boot Kit, 2009-14 Acura TSX CU2

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Regular Price: $550.00
Sale Price: $1.00

Product Line:
Genuine OEM
Part Type:
Inner Axle Joint Kit


Inner axle joint wear is notorious for causing a vibration on acceleration. Replacement axles usually are of poor quality and fail to resolve the issue. We've seen on our own HTSpec TSX an inner joint replacement make all the difference in clearing up vibrations.

NOTE: This joint must be replaced on a factory axle. If you've already replaced your axle with an aftermarket new or remanufactured unit it cannot be guaranteed to fit or work properly.

In order to install the new boot bands, you will need a tool to tighten them properly. We have provided a convenient link to the tool below under "Related Products."

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