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Honda Genuine Brake and Clutch Fluid, OEM DOT3 for reliable pressure, 08798-9008

Part Number:
Product Line:
Genuine OEM Brake Fluid
Vehicle Fitment:
Universal (DOT 3)
Honda Genuine Brake and Clutch Fluid, OEM DOT3 for reliable pressure, 08798-9008



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Heeltoe recommends that Brake and clutch fluid should be changed every annually or every 15,000 miles. And don't forget the fluid if you are installing Stainless Braided Fastline brake or clutch lines.

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Customer Questions


How much do I need to buy to flush out the brake fluid on a Acura TL-Types 2007? Never done it before and would it be safe to use this brake fluid DOT 3? I don't know which DOT fluid is currently in.


Order two pints to do a brake fluid flush in just about any Honda or Acura. This is factory fluid, the same that comes in the car from Honda. It is perfectly safe for the car and its components and is good for all daily use and mild performance driving.


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

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