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Heeltoe's New Brand Identity for 2016 : Taking Shape

  • Posted: 03-03-2016 02:34 AM
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The old sock 'n' fingers. If you type the word "heeltoe" into Google, owns the page with top ranking, with our Facebook and Yelp pages close behind. If you search it in Google Images, one of the results will be this image:



That is the Heeltoe Automotive logo we've been using since the year 2010. It's actually an evolution of our original design, which no longer registers in Google searches, but you can have fun looking up the histortical look of using the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

While the above is well and good, and the pride of a long history online and many repeat customers helping us grow, Heeltoe Automotive of late has felt a need for a greater focus. We've grown to a point where we need our logo to do more heavy lifting. The sock 'n' fingers is cool, no doubt. And we are sure customers think of us when they see it.

But, what does it mean?

The sock 'n' fingers does not convey anything sporting, or motorsportsy, or even automotivey. It is interesting, whimsical, and fun looking. We do feel these traits embody what Heeltoe Automotive tries to convey in how we approach the car-life. But, with growing maturity and a need to expand our business the logo is too intricate to be easily understood. How it relates to being a great source for car parts and information cannot be explained.

Of course, the conversation starts getting more theoretical the more it is analyzed, which leads to mental paralysis. Oftentimes we'd wondered if a change was needed, or if we just needed to work harder.

Then, we go and try to make something like a t-shirt or a sticker. You need four colors to make the sock 'n' fingers work: Red, Grey, Black, and White. That's 4 screens for a shirt. That pushes you into printed decals instead of more economical die cuts. The swag gets costlier, and the resulting product is too busy for casual use. And yet, dropping the sock 'n' fingers by printing just the name does not do all the communication we need it to. If we can be completely honest, one of the biggest things pushing us toward a change to something we could do in one color was an ability to make more merch!

As we began the process of getting a new logo designed, it became easy for us to find a direction. Our designer, whom we serendipitously became acquainted with, went through four rounds of mockups before settling on our brand new brand identity:

First and foremost, you will see that the "Automotive" has been dropped. We feel we strongly align with the word Heeltoe as it pertains to things automotive-parts and modification. People call us Heeltoe. We now call us Heeltoe, too.

We have gotten quite a few compliments on it, amid a few inquisitive remarks. "What is it?" and "I don't get it." Sure. That's to be expected. And so that is mainly why we've posted this blog. To shed some light on this move and to help convey our new brand identity, what it means to us, and, what we'd like you to think when you see it.

First and foremost, this is a modeling of a corner on a racetrack. To be more precise, this is the general shape of the pit exit lane coming off before turn 11 at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. The symbolism here is strong.

  • Laguna Seca is a historical track which has gone through a few revisions over the years, yet remains one of the most famous tracks in the world. While Heeltoe evolves, our world class service and attention to customer feedback is the key to our ongoing success.
  • Turn 11 is the last turn before the long straight. It is a tight turn, requiring a "heel-toe" maneuver to get a fast exit. The end of the straight is the prime passing spot on the track. Without a proper setup and technique in turn 11, you will have a hard time winning at Laguna Seca. Likewise, Heeltoe gets you all set up to build a killer car that will bring the owner a well sorted, great looking, great driving car. There are many ways of building a car, but the Heeltoe way gets you a winning combo.
  • However, we aren't using the turn itself...we are using the pit exit. Mostly because it is a more interesting shape than the corner itself (almost looks like a foot, too). But more than that, taking the pit exit requires intent. One comes in for a repair, or to be reprimanded for running someone off the road, or to check tire temps. Or, the smart track day driver will simply pull off to get out of traffic. All the advice we give our customers is done with intent. We ask more questions to get more info to better advise you. We know that being safe and reliable is the best way be fast and smooth. We advise with intent.
  • The pit exit is a kinky shape because it is designed to slow-down cars entering the pit for safety. Heeltoe wants people to make decisions about car parts carefully. We discourage people from buying based on availability versus backorder. The best builds are done with focus and intent and attention to detail. That is hard to do when you are hauling ass with a smoking credit card. We try to help bring some perspective to your decision making process instead of just selling you what we have in stock or what we profit most on.
  • The lines at the top and tip of the line convey what could be a start/finish line and an arrow giving directionality. We feel they also harken the strip and toe accent colors of the previous sock logo. Viewed in this way, we've kept some of that fun-loving nature that Heeltoe tries to convey. These marks also provide a definite starting point, some calculated navigation, and then a direction that you can charge down. Heeltoe is the corner that gives you direction to run in.

Direction. Purpose. Focus. Intent. These are the traits we believe that drives Heeltoe customers' purchases. Heeltoe customers do research with a desire to have fun, but not waste time or money on products that are either over-hyped or over-priced.

We hope you see that we've put a lot of thought and work into this new brand identiy. It's gotten out before we have been able to completely update our own graphics, so please be patient while we update our website and invoices and emails and stuff.


And when our swag drops, give it a look! We know you'll want to show off your love of Heeltoe and all the great qualities we stand for!


Abraham Hernandez
04-04-2016 09:34 PM at 9:34 PM
Great job keep it up guys!
And as a customer I will stay loyal.
Administrator Note:
Thanks a ton for the support!
03-14-2016 10:30 PM at 10:30 PM
Wow, I bet Mazda fans are gonna love that..... if & when you actually start making parts available in the here online catalog! Seriously, they didn't make the connection? here
Administrator Note:
Yes we definitely love the Mazda brand. We don't see your "here" reference, though.

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