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Heeltoe's David Walker Roams the RMMR Paddock in 2016

  • Posted: 08-26-2016 11:35 AM
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Cheesy titles aside, the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is an event that should land somewhere on any enthusiastís bucket list. Itís like the Goodwood Revival (historic races) and Festival Of Speed (hillclimb) all in one. Both the caliber and variety of cars at this event is fantastic. There are a bunch of interesting people, both spectators and participants alike. Add in one of Americaís best road courses, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and youíve got yourself a slam dunk automotive event.

I am fortunate to have stumbled into a position on the tech crew for the Historic Motorsports Association. HMSA is a historic racing organization who produces some of the best historic racing events on the continent, with some of the best historic racing cars in the world. HMSA acts as the sanctioning body for this event.

The last two years, I have worked the "Pre-Reunion" only, which is essentially the same event, but with about Ĺ the cars and 90% less spectators taking place the weekend prior. This was my first year working at the main event, and Iím still reeling from it.

"Tech," our inspection process applied to each and every one of the 500+ cars to ensure their race-worthiness, began at 9 AM on Wednesday the 17th and the event ran from the 18th through the 21st. My mind was blown by dinnertime on Thursday, after all the cars had an opportunity to have their first practice session on track.

There were about 530 racecars in attendance for the Reunion. Each year there is a featured marque or vehicle celebrating some sort of anniversary; this yearís Featured Marque was BMW, who was celebrating their 100th birthday. Hats off to BMW North America for bringing out some amazing historic race cars, legendary drivers, and throwing a helluva Spaten kegger on Thursday night in the paddock, replete with Bratwurst and scantily clad, pretzel slangin', German Beer Girls.

I only managed to snag about 250 photos, as one could easily quadruple that over the 5-day span, given the time. HMSA has a pretty schedule though, so most of these photos are rushed at best. Apologies if your favorite car's capture is less than stellar, but there is some great stuff in here, so enjoy!


Photos from Pre-Grid. Spent a lot of time here keeping an eye out!

Also spent a lot of time keeping an ear out at the Black Flag station.

There were a bunch of 935s and 934s, which i love. Again, didnít have time to do a lot with the camera.

One of my favorite cars, the Eagle MKIII GTP. Uses a heavily massaged 3S-GTE.

Unfortunately, the car suffered a spectacular turbo failure and was forced to retire for the remainder of the event. Later that day, one of the corner workers found this on the track.

This car was powered by what was essentially BMWís late 80s F1 (inline 4 turbo) engine.

These guys came all the way from Germany.


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