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Heeltoe's Composite Parts Weave Patterns and Materials (Fastline Perf, ATLP, Medieval-Pro)

  • Posted: 07-01-2016 02:14 PM
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Heeltoe offers a variety of options for materials and finishes for their ATLP, Fastline Performance, and Medieval-Pro product lines. Learn more here!


Sometimes called FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), fiberglass parts we make are all mat layup and come with an extremely durable gelcoat finish. The finish is black and while it is ready for paint, some people us them without painting them temporarily. This finish may show scratches or other blemishes due to their unfinished nature. The material is light and strong.

Carbon Fiber 1x1 Plain weave

Carbon fiber is very strong material when it comes to perpendicular forces. Plus, it looks amazing. The tight 1x1 block pattern does not distort much making very visually appealing parts. Many JDM manufacturers such as Mugen, Spoon, and J's Racing use 1x1 for their parts so Heeltoe often refers to 1x1 as "JDM' rather than "Plain."

Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill weave

2x2 Twill is the most common weave used in automotive parts. The main reason is because the more open pattern allows the fabric to be molded into more complicated shapes. Skilled craftsmen are able to mold these parts for Heeltoe in 2x2 without distortion, and this is your first sign of quality.


Kevlar is one of the more exotic materials we use and you'll find that we don't use it a lot. The material is hard to mold without distortion, and hard to cut. Because of the limited ability to mold it we only use it on certain applications and it does carry a premium price. But man, it looks totally cool!

A note on the carbon finishes

Heeltoe's carbon parts are finished with a clearcoat and polished to a perfect shine! However maintaining carbon finishes can be a challenge. Heat may yellow the resin, and oxidation can cause the finish to become cloudy. We recommend caring for bare carbon stored outside the same way you do with your paint. Polish and wax regularly!

A note on our resin

Heeltoe specifies a unique "flex resin" that allows significant twisting and tweaking of composite parts without breaking. At the same time, they are strong as heck! Our parts are not invincible, but you'd be amazed what they can stand up to! Here are a couple examples:

Jason's ATLP trunk spoiler thwarted theft:

Some people doubt the strength of both the Heeltoe branded composites we offer, as well as the mounting tape. This theft attempt really "spoiled" one robber's day.

Heeltoe's bold show display:

At the 2016 Old School Reunion, we showed off the strength of our fiberglass CRX Door cap by supporting our booth table with it...with heavy parts and people leaning on it...all day. The part came out totall unscathed and sellable as new!

We hope this writing has helped you understand more about the amazing finishes, materials, and processes Heeltoe uses on all ATLP, Fastline Performance, and Medieval-Pro products!


Gary Fuller
09-15-2016 12:15 PM at 12:15 PM
Looking for your recommendation for painting a Medieval-Pro sunroof panel we just purchased from you. Also, the panel looks great - thanks for the high quality part. Looking forward to getting it painted and installed.
Administrator Note:
The panel is really ready for primer and paint! Don't sand it down because that should not be needed.

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