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What's New?'s "Awesome" Score on Google Mobile-Friendly Test

  • Posted: 10-21-2015 01:54 PM
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Using the latest in responsive-design technology, has achieved a score of "Awesome" in a recent Google mobile-friendly test!



Instead of employing a "mobile version," which feeds you a different site on different devices, is responsive. That means the display of the site varies as you change the screen size. Try shrinking you desktop browser window for a test run of the mobile site on your tablet or laptop!

Some people will prefer to view the desktop version on their phones, which we are able to accommodate in the "meatball" menu in the upper right corner...


Don't forget the the friendliness of Heeltoe doesn't stop at the screen! Contact us today for support, questions, a brief chat about car parts, or site feedback!


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