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Heeltoe Updates Design for Medieval-Pro Dampers by Tein

  • Posted: 03-27-2015 08:08 PM
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While many folks are enjoying the Medieval-Pro from Tein dampers on their Torsion-Bar equipped Hondas, development on the product line has continued.

Some may be aware that Tein recently updated their Super Street (SS) product line to a new product called the Street Advance (SA).

The NEW Tein Street Basis & Street Advance: What’s the hubbub about?

The Medieval-Pro set has been based on the SS design, which has been a really great product for many years. With the added benefits of a revised internal piston that offers a wider damper adjustment range, the SA internals are now being injected into the Medieval-Pro set to make it even more flexible than in the past!

Additionally, having gotten feedback from customers requesting more travel in the front suspension for extreme-low rides, the front bump-stop has been revised to allow 30mm more travel in the front!

Heetoe's contract with Tein has been renewed and the production will begin Spring of 2015, with parts arriving to customers around mid-summer.


Rywire's Medieval-Pro equipped AT hatchback, courtesy Joey Lee



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