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Heeltoe Official Merchandise: Summer 2016

  • Posted: 07-26-2016 06:05 PM
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Summer time is in full swing! The car shows are going off all over the world, and Heeltoe's All-New Corner Logo has been a huge hit with car fans!

In Spring we announced a complete-new line of apparel and products. For Summer we've released two great additions sure to keep you cool in the Summer heat.



Official Heeltoe Gear Ships Daily:

Heeltoe Flat-Bill Mesh Snap-Back Hat (#HeeltoeHat)


Heeltoe Silicone Pint Glasses: Portable, Reliable, Unbreakable, Unforgettable! Available in three great colors! (#HeeltoePint)




Here are our Spring 2016 releases, all still available from Heeltoe today!

Heeltoe MKII Shirt (#HeeltoeMKII)


Heeltoe MKIII Shirt (#HeeltoeMKIII)


Heeltoe Flat-Bill Snap-Back Hat (#HeeltoeHat)


Heeltoe Tech Hoodie (#HeeltoeHoodie)


Heeltoe Corner Decal - White Border 5" (#HeeltoeCorner)


Heeltoe Corner Decal - Red Die Cut 4" (#HeeltoeCorner)
Heeltoe Corner Decal - Red Die Cut 12" (#HeeltoeCorner)



Heeltoe Round Decal - 2" (#HeeltoeCorner)


Show the world, and your friends, what kind of car person you are, by proudly rocking our all-new for 2016 "Corner" logo. Modeled after a piece of tarmac on a racetrack, but softened for daily-driven street duty, the Corner projects all the thought, planning, execution, and fun your car-life is all about.



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