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Heeltoe Official Merchandise: Spring 2016 Collection

  • Posted: 04-24-2016 05:04 PM
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Spring is a time of new beginnings. This Spring, Heeltoe is celebrating 14 years online, and an all-new brand identity.

Car folks are a special breed of person. Most people drive a car. Some actually like it, and by extension they appreciate the car they are driving.

But true car folks have a deeper connection with driving. When a car's engine revving or the feel of g-forces gives you a little thrill, you know you are a real car person. For you, we have created Heeltoe.

Heeltoe is about doing things they way a car person does. That is, spending time and energy researching cars and things that make them tick. Studying pros and cons and causes and effects of different parts. Getting into debates about the dos and don'ts of modification, when the rest of the world is wondering what the big deal is all about.

Show the world, and your friends, what kind of car person you are, by proudly rocking our all-new for 2016 "Corner" logo. Modeled after a piece of tarmac on a racetrack, but softened for daily-driven street duty, the Corner projects all the thought, planning, execution, and fun your car-life is all about.

When people ask you what it is, you'll know, even if they don't get it.

Get the first official Heeltoe gear on today:

Heeltoe MKII Shirt (#HeeltoeMKII)


Heeltoe MKIII Shirt (#HeeltoeMKIII)


Heeltoe Flat-Bill Snap-Back Hat (#HeeltoeHat)


Heeltoe Tech Hoodie (#HeeltoeHoodie)


Heeltoe Corner Decal - White Border 5" (#HeeltoeCorner)


Heeltoe Corner Decal - Red Die Cut 4" (#HeeltoeCorner)
Heeltoe Corner Decal - Red Die Cut 12" (#HeeltoeCorner)



Heeltoe Round Decal - 2" (#HeeltoeCorner)


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