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Fluid & Chemical

Fluid & Chemical
Welcome to Heeltoe's Fluids & Chemicals department.

Car ownership brings along with it a bevy of various chemicals and fluids to keep machines tip top. Automotive fluids such as oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and gear oil are obvious. But here we also list cleaners, washes, and polishes.

Heeltoe offers:
  • Motor oils in various viscosities and grades
  • Transmission fluid for automatic and manual gearboxes, plus gear and transfer-case oil
  • Specialty chemicals from Honda such as VTM-4, Dual Pump Fluid, and DW1 & Z1
  • Brake fluid and hydraulic fluid for power steering
  • Service and maintenance chemicals like Hondabond, Shin-Etsu, and High Temp Urea Grease
  • Detailing supplies like car wash, wax, polish, and clay bars.

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