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Welcome to Heeltoe's Exterior Parts department.

Shop for all sorts of outside-the-car parts like body panels, lip kits, body kits, wings, and spoilers. We also offer moldings and trim pieces, and include lighting items here as well. Tune aero performance with splitters, canards, diffusers and other exterior performance pieces.

Heeltoe offers:
  • Hoods, fenders, bumpers and other panels in fiberglass (FPR) and carbon fiber (CFRP)
  • Lip kits and under-spoilers add flair to existing bodywork.
  • Decklid and roof spoilers are available, as well as raised aerodynamic wings
  • Increase downforce with splitters, canards, and diffusers
  • Finish off the body with stylish mirrors, trim pieces, and visors
  • Headlamps, taillamps, and fog light kits improve looks and visibility

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