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Welcome to Heeltoe's Engine department.

With Heeltoe you will find all the parts you need to get you Honda power-unit constructed to a knife-edge. Offering parts for as many platforms as possible, from EW/D-Series, to the newest L15B7 and K20C Turbos, the nose-bleeding 9kRPM F20C, or a budget LS/VTEC. Not to mention the legendary K-Series and J-Series brawlers.

Heeltoe offers:
  • Cylinder Head parts like cams, valvetrain, seals and VTEC Solenoids
  • Short-block parts such as pistons, rods, cranks, bearings, and sleeves
  • Engine cooling parts like water pumps, thermostats, water necks, and sensors
  • Oil system parts and PCV components
  • Dress up parts such as engine covers, plug covers, oil caps, and valve covers
  • Engine Mounts

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