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ECU Tuning

ECU Tuning
Welcome to Heeltoe's Engine ECU Tuning department.

Modern Honda and Acura engines are highly efficient and powerful. However, once you realize how much power is left on the table in stock form, you'd understand why custom ECU tuning is such a vital part of your car-modding portfolio.

Heeltoe offers:
  • Hondata S300 ECU boards for OBDI (1988-95) tuning, with boost control
  • Hondata K-Pro and KTuner InECU boards for Throttle-Cable K-Serie Applications
  • Hondata Flashpro and KTuner ECU Flash Tools for remapping newer 2007+ ECus
  • Stand-alone ECU systems from Haltech, AEM, Motec, LinkECU and more
  • ECU conversion harnesses and CAN adapters
  • Supplementary controllers for AFR Sensors and traction control

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