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Welcome to Heeltoe's Clearance Rack.

Deals Deals Deals! When items are overstock, returned, open-box, scratch 'n' dent, or just plain old inventory, we put those items here. Full details on the condition of the products are available in the individual product listings. Parts bought on clearance are considered final-sale items and are non-returnable.

  • Clearance/Overstock: We just have to move it off the shelf to make way for new stuff. It's old stock or falling out of popularity. Sold as new, and usually, the manufacturer warranty can be honored.
  • Closeout: The product was updated or discontinued and this is old stock we need to move out. Sold as new, and usually, the manufacturer warranty can be honored.
  • Open Box: Generally means the part is new but the packaging was compromised. The item could have been returned or opened for pictures. Usually, the manufacturer warranty can be honored.
  • Scratch 'n' Dent: A new part that can't be sold as new because it's been cosmetically or mildly damaged. Usually, this is something that was returned but damaged in shipping. 
  • Used: For one reason or another, the part was used but we have it available for sale. Expect wear from use. The manufacturer's warranty cannot be honored.
RB Performance (formerly Racingbrake)
Pads Set
Universal fit
$61.79 $42.52
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