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Heeltoe Automotive : Terms and Conditions of Sale

Heeltoe Automotive General Business Policies

  • Use of our shopping cart: Shopping carts are an advanced technology in practice. As such, they are very convenient and fast to use. Orders are processed quickly and generally ship within 24-48 hours if they are processed correctly. The system may not recognize your address, you may be quoted inaccurate shipping charges, or your item may be out of stock. Should complications arise, we pledge to do our very best in keeping you apprised of your order's status either by phone or email. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Heeltoe Automotive may consider absorbing a portion or all shipping costs in select orders if arrangements are made prior to the order, as-in through our Custom Pricing functions.
  • Collection of funds: In the case of Credit Card, Debit Card, and Paypal transactions, payment is collected at the time the user clicks Submit online to complete a purchase. We do not wait until items ship to collect payment, payment is collected automatically on checkout. This is for the purpose of logging your First-In status to better determine your shipping order, as we complete transactions First-in First-Out. In the case of Affirm payments, your loan is processed within 1-3 days of your order online. We do not delay shipping for loan capturing of payment.
  • Pictures of Products: Pictures depicted in the shopping cart may not be of the actual item being sold. We will do our best to update images with priority. First, the actual product image. Second a likeness of the product, when an actual image is unavailable. Third, an image showing the brand logo or no image at all if a sufficiently representative image is unavailale. Please consult us if there are doubts about the purchase or if the image accuracy is in question or unknown.
  • Alternate Shipping Addresses:Alternate shipping addresses are not accepted for all orders. You will need to complete your order though the shopping cart with your actual billing address and requested shipping address. We will let you know what information we need to approve the request during or after the ordering process, typically we accept a simple image of your ID showing approved billing information. This unfortunate inconvenience is put into place to prevent fraud but one that is simple for our customers to meet.
  • Legality of Products: Some parts sold by Heeltoe Automotive are not approved by the Highway Patrol, The Department of Transportation, or Local Authorities for use on public roads. Some items sold by Heeltoe Automotive are not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles for street use. Please check local laws before ordering any parts.
  • Fitment of Products: Foreign market parts may not directly fit on domestic vehicles. Fitment issues in this case are do not constitute acceptable terms for returning parts. Some items may involve customization of the base vehicle in order to be installed properly. Heeltoe Automotive is not always aware of customizations needed in order to install parts, and may not assume liability for return of items which are made correctly.
  • Condition of Used Products: All items sold as used will be indicated as such in the product title or description. All items without this specific terminology are sold as New. All used parts are sold in As-Is Condition. Note that open-box and returned items are not considered to be used items, and would be bought with manufacturer's warranty in place if sold by Heeltoe Automotive directly.
  • Use and Performance of Products: All parts sold on Heeltoe Automotive that are not exempt by law are intended for Off Road use only. Some items sold by Heeltoe Automotive are not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles for street use. Please check local laws before ordering any parts. Items used for the purpose of performance enhancement are not guaranteed to provide a performance benefit. Improvement in performance are based on testing done by the part manufacturer, Heeltoe Autmotive, or third party users or tester; but these tests are not intended to convey guaranteed improvements for any users in any conditions.
  • Confirmation of Orders: Orders over the amount of $100 are subject to verbal order confirmation. We will contact you in order to verify your order, and may require fax transmittal of your billing information.
  • Typographical Errors:Typographical errors in pricing or description will not constitute grounds for special discount, however we appreciate any suspicious prices to be reported. "False advertising" is not a concept that is applicable in cases of typographical errors. If a part is ordered which is incorrectly priced, one will have the option to pay the additional money due, use money paid for an alternate item, or get a refund. False advertising accusations must be supported by intent to decieve: Heeltoe Autmotive is an honorable company and any notification or error is made out of necessity and in good faith.
  • Parts sourcing & shipping dates: As we offer many product lines we do not carry inventory on most items we have. Our networking ability and vast array of suppliers allows us to source items quickly in most cases. Some items will ship in 1-2 days. Others in 1-2 weeks. Some items need to be sourced from overseas distributors and will require a 1-2 month wait or more. We try to list some of the estimated ship times, however, due to the volitile nature of our industry one should seek confirmation on how long a particular item may take to arrive PRIOR to placing an order. Any shipping estimation which is in disagreement with the customer's wishes will be eligible for an immediate full refund.
  • Agreement to wait: If an item is stated to be on backorder and the estimated ship date is stated to the customer in due time, and the customer agrees to wait for the item, the customer is expected to wait at least that period of time before requesting cancellation of the order. Wait times exceeding 110% of the longest originally stated wait time are eligible for a complete refund, unless there are special cases or special ordered items. Special order items are not generally able to be cancelled, but in cases of excessive waiting, cancellations may be considered on a case by case basis. 

Shipping and Return Policies

  • Shipping Carriers: Heeltoe Automotive ships by either UPS, FEDEX, DHL, or Domestic Postal Service. Our general policy it to ship by the means you have selected. By wide and large, USPS is a premium delivery service, but pricing is high for heavier items. For these UPS, FEDEX, or DHL Ground is optimal. For items that must be delivered by a guaranteed time, UPS Air or FEDEX Express is a dependable choice. On many occasions we will option the shipping method which is fastest and most cost effective. Therefore, we use you shipping selection as an idea for when you would like to receive your part. This liberty is taken on our part with the best of intentions to get your parts shipped and delivered as fast and reliable as possible.
  • Return Authorization: All returns must have authorization by Heeltoe Automotive, obtained simply by emailing or calling us.
  • Condition of Returned Items: All items returned to Heeltoe Autmotive must be in new and resellable condition upon receipt. We do not consider part packaging when defining a product as "new and resellable." The package contents must be in unused condition with complete hardware and documentation. The level of repacking needed, condition of the item upon receipt, and other variable factors including the reason for return may impact any fees incurred upon refunding.
  • Return/Cancellation Fees: Because Heeltoe Automotive does not stock many items, returned items must be put in our stock. It is our general policy not to charge restocking fees for returns. Refunds on special orders which are canceled before items have come in may be denied, but in general we will attempt to come to compromised agreements with customers in these cases.
  • Return Shipping: Shipping is a service provided by a person attempting to relocate an item from one location to another; therefore it is the customer's responsibility to incurr the costs of relocating a product at their own desire. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Tax on shipping: Shipping is not a taxable expense.
  • Time limit on returns: All returns must be made within a specified time frame from the date of receipt, out lined in our Shipping Policies.
  • A Note on Special Orders: Not all Special Order parts are returnable under all circumstances.
  • Test Fitting: Foreign market parts may not directly fit on domestic vehicles. Fitment issues in this case are do not constitute acceptable terms for returning parts. However if you wish to trial fit a part on your car for the knowledge of the rest of the community, contact us ahead of time for special considerations.
  • Refund methods: Credit card payment refunds shall be issued in the form of company check ONLY. PayPal refunds will happen in the form of PayPal refunds. Cash payments are refunded either in cash or company check.
  • Free shipping: A icon designates an item which we are offering free shipping. Free Shipping does not apply to all areas. Additional shipping charges may be imposed for items shipping outside of the Continental USA. It is recommended to contact us about the total shipping price before placing an order.
  • Supporting notes on the "Free Shipping" Designation: Typically, a price that is advertised as "free shipping" will indicate the price of the part, to include shipping. Transmittal of postal code for quotation or destinations is not always necessary. However, because the price includes the cost of the part and the shipping, does not mean it includes all costs. Taxes and handling fees are other charges that may apply to the shipped price. Make note that if you live in California, taxes will need to be applied to the shipped total. Shipping method is chosen by us. Additional options will be available at additional cost.

:: Prices and Price matching

  • Why we price match: We like to deal with customers on a personal basis and wish that you would contact us for pricing and information on parts you would be interested in purchasing. Mostly, we hope that you would not base our service or value on our prices alone. Prices advertised by competitors can be very attractive but service is not always ideal. We provide a superior service to more discerning customers. Our pricing is comparative with the competition, and we have a strong ability to price match.
  • Heeltoe Automotive will attempt match the price of any competitor's regularly or specially priced website advertisement. Proof of competitive pricing is required in the form of a URL link or printed advertisement.
  • Price matching is done at our discretion: Heeltoe does not guarantee it's willingness to meet any competitor's price, regardless if it is able to do so.
  • Price matching does not necessarily mean price beating. But we will do the best we can.
  • Heeltoe Automotive may need to special order item to be price matched.
  • Price match does not include shipping or taxes (taxes apply to California residents only).