No-Hassle Returns, Refunds, and Buy-Backs

Whatever the reason for requesting to return an item, Heeltoeauto.com likes to be accommodating as possible. Here, we outline some rules about returns just to make things clear.

Return Policy:

Heeltoe welcomes you to contact us regarding any purchase you've made from us via phone, text, or email to obtain return authorization and send an item back. After determining the reason for return and exhausting our support capabilities we'll process the return and present you with an option for refund or store credit.

Other online auto parts stores consider most sales as final. In the case of accepting returns, punitive restocking fees are charged. Heeltoe will not charge re-stocking fees on most items (see Refunds section for more info). We do not charge "processing" or "handling" fees. We try to make the process simple and fair for our customers.

Order Cancellation

  • Cancellations of orders not yet shipped must be made within 5 days of the original order except in the case of Backorders or some Special Orders.
  • Backorders: Respecting the above time frame of request to cancel within 5 days, there are times when a backorder can persist for a number of  weeks. Requests to cancel may be approved past 5 days in most cases except when an item is imminently shipping.
  • Special Orders: Respecting the above time frame of request to cancel within 5 days, a cancellation may not be possible on a Special Ordered item. Special Orders are often not able to be canceled and are often not returnable. Requests to cancel will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Imminently shipping orders: If a request to cancel is made on an order where an item will ship imminently, Heeltoe may consider the order "too late" to cancel and rules regarding normal returns may apply, even if the part has not yet shipped. 


Return of Unwanted or Parts Ordered in Error

  • Special order items may not eligible for return. Special order items are those which are ordered for a specific customer's needs in a particular style, fitment, or color; custom-made; made to order; sourced internationally; or otherwise non-standard, non-stocking parts that are not easily re-sellable or returnable to our suppliers. To avoid any doubt, Heeltoe asks the customer to please confirm return-ability of an item prior to purchasing. 
  • Return requests may be made for eligible items for a refund within 5 business days of receipt of item. Return requests may be made after 5 days, but less than 30 days, of receipt of parts for store credit.
  • Any return request made after 30 days of receipt of the item may be denied.
  • Items returned to Heeltoe are shipped back at the shipper's expense. If items are damaged or lost in return shipping, the shipper is responsible for filing and completing claims against that shipment. Heeltoe promises to be available to sign for packages. In some cases, Heeltoe may provide a shipping label for the return-item to ship to another customer, rather than to return it to us directly. By requesting a refund the returner agrees to cooperate with this rare practice if needed.
  • Returns on used or clearance items may not be accepted, except in the case of an approved buy-back.
  • Items must be returned in the condition they were originally shipped. Items which have been modified, damaged in transit, or otherwise received by Heeltoe in a condition other than was received by the customer are subject to pro-rated reimbursement for reconditioning expenses if not covered by shipping insurance consideration.


Quality Concerns

  • If a part is received and/or installed and the customer is unhappy with the quality, design, or workmanship of the product, Heeltoe Automotive will act to preserve customer happiness by giving support to improve the customer's satisfaction with the product. In extreme cases of misapplication or faulty design, Heeltoe may accept the product back on return for store credit after it is installed, after 30 days but before 90 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • If a product received from Heeltoe is found to be defective, it shall be repaired or replaced at the will of the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer of the product may be responsible for facilitating the repair or replacement of the part in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. The shipper is responsible for paying shipping fees, however Heeltoe Automotive will act as the advocate of the customer in attempting to obtain reimbursement of the return shipping amount to the customer by the manufacturer of the product.
  • Shipping fees are the responsibility of the party attempting to transfer a product from point A to point B. In an inability to deliver parts in person, shipping carriers are used. These costs are not recoverable and may not be subject to reimbursement.



Got a part that is too old to return, but don't need it any more? Maybe you sold the car or maybe you replaced the part with something else. Consider selling the part back to Heeltoe Automotive! 

  • Heeltoe Automotive may choose to buy products from customers which are used, unwanted, or otherwise offered to Heeltoe for purchase.
  • Buy-backs are for store credit only.
  • The seller will approach Heeltoe Automotive with an item for buy-back via email. They will present the product description including imagery depicting the overall quality and completeness. Heeltoe Automotive will make an offer to purchase the item. If agreed to, the item will be sent to Heeltoe Automotive to proceed with the transaction.
  • Product must be sent to Heeltoe and evaluated before payment is final. Misrepresented parts will be subject to offer adjustment, or purchase declination. Declined purchases will be sent back to customer upon receipt of return shipping funds, which are the responsibility of the seller.


Our Refund Policy:

  • A refund will be processed for authorized returns which have been recorded within 5 days of the receipt of the order. Heeltoe Automotive may offer an incentive to the customer to receive store credit as opposed to a refund by "rounding up" the reimbursement amount for such a credit.
  • Refunds will be made back to the buyer's original payment source. In the event that this is not possible, such as expiration of the original funding source or a refund occurring past 180 days of the original transaction, a company check will be mailed.
  • Shipping fees paid on the original shipment are not refundable. In cases where the original item had "free shipping," shipping is "included" in the item cost, or shipping fees prepaid by Heeltoe, the shipping cost of the original order will be deducted from the refund amount. More details on our Shipping Included policy can be found here: Shipping & Delivery Policy
  • Reimbursement of returned parts may be pro-rated (reduced from original amount) if the item is not received in as-new condition, inclusive of the product packaging. This pro-ration is considered a reconditioning expense and is incurred when costs are incurred to return the product to sellable as-new condition. This would not typically reduce the return amount by more than 10% of the product cost.
  • Refunds are not available for product that is lost or damaged in shipping. To process a refund a product must be returned in resalable condition to Heeltoe. Losses for shipping mishaps are covered by shipping insurance which is collected by means of a shipping insurance claim with the given carriers. This process of obtaining reimbursement from shipping insurance can take an extended period of time, through which the customer is expected not to pursue means of reimbursement through other means.
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