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Heeltoe Automotive : Automated Price Matching FAQ

Price Matching allows customers who want to buy from Heeltoe Automotive the ability to present competing offers from other vendors for cost adjustments. We've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process:


“How do I make an Automated Price Match request?”

Requests must be made through the Price Match page on the Heeltoe Automotive website available here:


“What makes Heeltoe Automotive's system 'automated?'”

By requesting through our exclusive online module, you control the items you are requesting a match for by adding them to cart. When you make the request, the cart is locked for those items (you can still make other purchases) until we approve the request. Once approved, you are given a code to enter on the Approval Code Entry page which zips you to the cart with the adjusted pricing all ready to go. No outside payments or special promo codes!


“How will you know what deal I am asking for?”

Requests must include an indication of one of the following:
• Linking to a specific URL or image of a current and active competing advertised offer from another vendor.
• Written request of pricing sought if no competing offer is provided.


“Do you ever beat pricing from other competitors?”

Occasionally we have the ability to do even better than other vendors are advertising. We’ll beat when we can.


“I am looking to match deals for three parts on different sites. Can I request them all in one request from Heeltoe?”

Yes. Please note that the total deal is considered in comparison. Meaning shipping costs, orders with more than one item, additional services rendered, etc may factor into which deals is in fact better than another. Buying three items at one store gives you one-stop shopping and lower shipping costs than you might get if you order the three items at different stores. This will not disqualify your request, but it may impact our ability to match it completely.


“I want to submit a Price Match but don't see the item I want on What can I do?”

Heeltoe Automotive can source nearly any part available for any car. However not all items are listed on If you want an item we are not listing, please email us a request.


“I found a really great price, but I have never heard of the other vendor before. Still, that price is great!”

The competing company may be violating terms of agreement with their suppliers (such as minimum advertised pricing or unilateral pricing policies). Anyone can put up cheap prices, but if the company is in violation of policy they are being dishonest and may not be offering a legitimate service that is equitable to those of Heeltoe Automotive. These submissions may not be eligible for full matching, but we will do our best.


“There is a Group Buy going on in a forum, and the price is great, but I don’t want to wait. Can I Price Match a Group Buy?”

Group buys have time constraints, minimum participation levels, and wait times. Also, most of the time the host of the buy is purchasing items a lower cost than normal, and that savings is passed on to participants. The trade-off is an extended wait time for the parts to ship. Regrettably, this service is not competing with the services provided on a normal sale. You are welcome to present group buy deals to us for Price Match consideration, but they may not be matched 100%.


“I found a great sale that was going on in the forums two years ago. Can I request a match on that?”

Pricing changes happen without notice, sales come and go. Websites that have not updated their pricing in response to this or old forum sales that have already ended may be presented and requested, but may not be matched 100%


“How will I be notified when the Price Match is approved?”

Requests will be reviewed within 1-3 business days of submission. Once approved, the system will send an email to you with the approved prices, an approval code, expiration date (if applicable), and a link to the Approval Code Entry page.


“I’ve gotten an approval! How long to I have to complete the order?”

Once approved, Price Matches may have expiration dates which will be communicated to you in your approval email. If the Price Match expires before a sale is completed, the Price Match may be extended at the customer’s request.


“Oops! I forgot to add something to my request.” Or “Oops! I added something on accident!”

The customer may not add or remove items from a Price Match once it has been submitted. Heeltoe Automotive may adjust the Price Match at the customer’s request. Or, you may simply submit a new request.


“I have a valid coupon. Can I use that on top of the Price Match?”

Coupon Codes are not permitted to be used in conjunction with a Price Match.


“Is shipping free with Price Match deals?”

Free Shipping may be part of the deal you’ve been approved for. Shipping is charged in checkout if not adjusted or included in the Price Match.