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TracTuff Remote Thermostat (-12 Direct Mount to 1.25" Hose)

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Remote Thermostat (-12 Direct Mount to 1.25" Hose)
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TracTuff Remote Thermostat (-12 Direct Mount to 1.25" Hose)



Looking to add a thermostat to your electric water pump?

An electric water pump is an efficient way to cool your engine but depending on how you have the system designed... it may be hard to get the engine up to temp or keeping the system cool because water doesn't sit in the radiator long enough to exchange heat. Our thermostat will fix that!

We offer a few options...

1. Direct Mount - Mounts to the inlet side of the pump w/ a -12 AN male and you can choose either a 1.250" Hose or -16 Male Flare on the other side that connects to the radiator hose.

2. Remote Mount - Mounts anywhere you have room on the lower radiator hose and you can choose 1.250" In/Out or -16 Male Flare In/Out on either side of the thermostat.

3. Coolant Bypass - Bypasses coolant when the thermostat is closed, allowing water to move through the block and head until the thermostat opens. Choose one port to connect to the bottom port on our A2 upper water neck or the port on our Z3 water bypass adapter. Chose a second port for connection to a heater core or an accessory, such as a water-cooled turbo.

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