!Group Buy! HT-Spec VERSION 2.0 Coilover Damper Kit, TSX TL & Accord !Group Buy!

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!Group Buy! HT-Spec VERSION 2.0 Coilover Damper Kit, TSX TL & Accord !Group Buy!

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Coilover Damper Kit


This special group buy item is available for a limited time only!

All new V2 Specs provide sharper handling and a better overall ride than the original V1 sets. Order today to get the absolute BEST value in suspension for your Acura!

Lowering Range: 1.5" to more than 3" down

Certified HeelToe HT-Spec parts!

The HT-Spec damper kit answers the all-too-often asked question: "What suspension kit should I get for my Acura?" HeelToe designs HT-Spec parts to fit the needs of the majority of customer requests. No parts are more challenging to recommend properly than spring/damper combos and coilovers.

Because all products are designed around a particular manufacturer's design philosophies, extensive discussions with customers is usually needed to determine what parts are best for any given customer. When tuning the HT-Spec V2 damper kit for our prime audience of Acura drivers, we at HeelToe injected the one philosophy that made the most sense to us: meet customer demands.

We've had countless conversations with customers regarding vehicle suspension upgrade desires and the same comments seem to come up repeatedly.

"I don't track my car."
"I want the ride to be comfortable enough to drive the car daily, but be more fun and confident feeling."
"I want more stability in turns and on the freeway."
"I want to slam my car."
"I don't really want to lower the car much, 1.5" max!"
"My car feels like a boat and I want it to feel more buttoned down."
"I would like the car feel sportier without compromising the luxuriousness greatly."
"I am not looking to spend a ton of money on my suspension, but will pay a bit more for something better than the next part."

The opportunity arose for us to combine nearly all our customers desires in one HT-Spec V2 damper kit, so we decided it was time for us to make our own kit to meet as many of the common customer's needs as we could at once. Working closely with Function/Form Autolife, a prominent player in the Honda/Acura aftermarket, allowed us to create kits that bolt in perfectly with no special tools needed, fit all the ride requirements our customers have, and have a height adjustment range so large nearly every taste could be satisfied.

    Features of Type-I Kits:
  • Upper mount with rubber bushing pre-installed for simple installation (TL: Allows use of factory strut brace).
  • Separate height and spring pre-load adjustment for huge height range adjustment from as little as 1.5" to more than 3" down from stock.
  • Zinc coated shock tubes and aluminum adjustment collars for corrosion resistance.
  • Rear lower mounts fit perfectly without washers (TL) or grinding (TSX).
  • HeelToe-tuned damper valving to produce ride and handling that Acura drivers prefer by popular demand.
  • Spring rates specified by HeelToe to provide ideal ride and handling balance with up to 3 passengers.
    Type-II kits have all the features of Type 1 Kits, plus:
  • 32 clicks of firmness adjustment to fine-tune the ride and handling of the suspension.
  • Future support of F2's groundbreaking WIRELESS electronic damper control unit, to be released soon.
  • You have a choice of spring grade on the Type-2 adjustable dampening kit. The standard Asian springs are suitable for street/luxury drivers who won't notice slight variation in performance, but will remain comfortable and adequate for daily use. The Eibach ERS springs are best for drivers with higher grip and more sporting tendencies. The accuracy of your springs can have a big impact on the predictability of your handling!
  • Camber is effected when lowering your Acura. If you plan to lower less than 1.5" and want a perfect alignment we recommend a rear camber kit. For the best performance tuning ability, or 2" or more lowering, we recommend a front and a rear camber kit.
  • Rear sway bars can greatly improve the stability of your car in all driving situations. Get a smaller diameter bar for improved cornering with a factory feel, and get a larger bar as your tires and suspension levels increase and more performance is demanded.

Since these damper kits are manufactured by Function/Form they fall under their standard warranty policy, which includes a 1 year guarantee against defects in production or craftsmanship. F2 is known to be a reliable product when used on the street and we are fully confident in the quality of their products. For full warranty details, please visit this link: Warranty Details

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