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Looking for some awesome Heeltoe gear or gift ideas?

You've come to the right place! Before you get started, know that Heeltoe is in your corner for all your car related purchases. If you aren't sure what is going to be a great purchase, call or text 949-295-1668 for some advice!


Gift Certificates

It's hard to go wrong with a good-old gift certificate! Your gift of a store credit with Heeltoe is an awesome item to turn to when you know that your recipient is obsessed with car parts and demands great quality service and care. You can buy them in an any amount from $10 or more.


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You'll get an email confirmation after your order is complete. You will also be emailed a gift certificate document which you may print and give for whatever the occasion may be.


Heeltoe Gear Styles You Out Almost As Good As Your Ride

Since 2002, Heeltoe has been a leading online source of Honda and Acura parts and advice. Now we have a comprehensive line of goods that help our fans express their love of cars! Genuine Heeltoe goods feature our distinctive "Corner" logo, symbolizing all the fun that comes from taking a turn and hitting that apex just right!


This is a BRAND NEW addition to our catalog, an awesome, high-quality shirt featuring our brand ATLP. This brand is all about taste and style, things our Acura and Honda Accord customers know a lot about. This is a great option for your Acura TL or Honda Accord fan!

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One of the most fun and creative and fun items Heeltoe offers are these garage-friendly, non-breakable silicone pint glasses. Heeltoe Pints are light, portable, withstand extreme temperatures, collapse to fit in glove boxes, and look just plain awesome! See them in use on Instagram at #HeeltoePint **** LIMITED STOCK REMAINING!


This Damper Key chain is from our friends at Tein Suspension ("Tein" rhyms with "vein"). This little key chain is a really fun and detailed mock-up of a suspension spring and shock. A great accessory for any car geek!




Fluid Products

Fluids are the life-blood of cars and car folks. We have carefully selected these items which are small, inexpensive, and something that literally no Honda/Acura enthusiast would turn down! PERFECT STOCKING STUFFERS!


Brake fluid needs to be changed. If not right now, it will very soon. Grab two pints of Honda brake fluid to flush the system in you Honda or Acura.

The transmission fluid need to be changed soon, too. This fluid from Torco, formulated by Synchrotech, is the Cadillac of Honda manual transmission fluid! This change kit has enough to complete a change. It is also compatible with high performance bit.

It's a solid promise that you'll be thanked many times over for giving a Honda enthusiasts a tube of Hondabond. It's pretty much like hairspray for people into bangs, or crackers for people that like cheese...


Not sure if they'll like it?

We can give you all the reassurance you need with a quick consultation and easily return for store creditCall us up at 949-295-1668 for more advice!



If cars are more than the sum of their parts, tools are the magical wand used to put them together. And as any real car nut will tell you, getting a job done right means having the right tools!


This little clip popping tool is a Honda Genuine Item and will get used frequently. Nothing prevents bitching and moaning in the garage better than a tool that does a job, and does it well! The clips this part uses are scattered all over Honda and this popper is a great addition to any toolbox.


Cleaning and Detailing

Countless hours spent removing every spec of grime from a thing that lives outside and rolls down the road. Car folks have that certain illness though. Obsession for keeping their car spic and span all the time. Everyone's got their favorite items but these are some products that we know and use all the time. They are all worth a try if you've never used them before, and if you have then there is definitely need for more!


This genuine Honda/Acura Spray Cleaner & Polish is a really great product for people who want to keep their cars clean. The formulation cleans and protects plastics and rubber amazingly well. It's fantastic under the hood, but does an awesome job in the interior as well. Even adds some of that "new car smell" back. Carnuba wax preserves surfaces and it even has an anti-static property to resist dust buildup!



Not sure if they'll like it?

We can give you all the reassurance you need with a quick consultation and easily return for store credit! Call us up at 949-295-1668 for more advice!