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Medieval-Pro Fiberglass Replacement/Restoration Fender, Left Front, 1984-87 Honda CRX

Product Line:
Restoration Fender
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda CRX, 1984-87
Front Left
Medieval-Pro Fiberglass Replacement/Restoration Fender, Left Front, 1984-87 Honda CRX



The plastic panels on the first generation CRXs are notorious for cracking, even with the utmost care. The stock plastic becomes brittle and breaks. This material is used extensively on the CRX, on the side skirts, the lower half of the doors, on the front fenders, and on the nose piece (we refer to it as a header panel).

Medieval-Pro offers a very high end set of fiberglass replacement parts for the fenders (or wings, or guards, depending on your locality), which commonly crack with chassis twisting and road debris impact. These panels are direct OEM replacement parts, available only from us. The parts fit all 84-87 CRX models, including the Si from 85 and 86-87. Note that these parts may have extra resin in some places that needs to be shaved down, again a rotary tool is the perfect tool for this job. The custom nature of the fitment is what will allow you a factory-fit.

These are DIRECT replacement parts, meaning there is placement for the corner lamps styled just like the factory parts. Because of the corner lamp mounting is a high stress area, these sections are reinforced with carbon fiber to give lasting good fitment, even with multiple installs/removals.

The surface finish on these panels is a hard black gelcoat finish which will require minimal prep and is essentially ready for paint.

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Customer Questions


What is the product weight on this part?


This product weighs 3.1 lbs (fiberglass)


Are these fenders designed based on the recessed or flush headlight assemblies?


Both headlamp configurations are compatible with the Medieval-Pro fenders.


is there any hardware included for this part and any other reproduction part for 1st generation cr-x?


All the factory mounting hardware is reused with the Medieval Pro replacement panels.

Q:Do these fenders have markings for the fenders that have the red and black strips on the lower half?

The strips you refer to are actually moldings, and these fit in the recessed channel you see in these fenders. Our fenders are basically fitting exactly the same as factory parts.

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