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Fastline Performance 2.5" Racing Open Track Pipe, 2004-08 Acura TSX CL9, FLP-CPRP-CL9

Part Number:
Fastline Performance
Product Line:
Open-Track Test Pipe
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
Fastline Performance 2.5" Racing Open Track Pipe, 2004-08 Acura TSX CL9, FLP-CPRP-CL9



* 2.5" pipe diameter for maximum power gain for all header/exhaust combos, EVEN STOCK SYSTEMS.
* 100% full stainless steel construction.
* Comes with an integrated CEL eliminator -- NO DEFOULER REQUIRED.
* Comes with high end expensive machined flanges that don't require a gasket.
* Comes with 18-8 stainless hardware, metric thread and 17mm head size. 6 bolts, 12 flat washers, 6 spring lock washers, and 6 nuts 17mm.
* Allows fitment of OEM heat shields

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Customer Questions


Will this cause a lot of rasp when installed with a header? Would be keeping the stock cat back and would like a little sportier sound but not a lot of volume increase or drone.


This test pipe will not cause rasp in the exhaust tone, nor will it add drone. This is indifferent to the type of exhaust you have on the car.

Q:This test pipe connects to oem headers?
A:Yes! It is a bolt-in replacement.

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  • Awesome June, 16
    By Christopher Farfan, Street Performance Enthusiast
    It's really great , has a nice deep tone to it , just on 3-4k rpms !! ...however can't get my CEL light to come off , doesn't really bother me but Other that this is a great performance part , thanks @heeltoeautomotive !!
  • Great product March, 31
    By Daniel, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    My cat needed replacement so I purchased this instead. Great fitment, well crafted. sensor transferred over no problem. Unhooked battery to reset. Check engine light never returned. Sounds great and slight increase in power a definite plus!
  • May, 8
    By Dave Froti, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Fit and finish was top notch. It does what it is suppose to do. The exhaust smell is not that bad compared to stock.
  • July, 12
    By Kimopods, Grocery Getter
    Nice craftsmanhsip being put together. Smell is nothing too noticeable, sound stayed relatively the same, no CEL, and best of all, definite upgrade in performance. Can feel more power throughout the enitre rpm band and VTEC is MUCH MORE NOTICEABLE.
  • Fastline Performance TP 2.5 February, 2
    By Super20G, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Nice construction, however, can not get CEL to disappear even adding a spark plug defouler... This is a deal killer for me so unfortunately will have to sell online.

    Note from Heeltoe: There has been a recent improvement to these test pipes which further reduces the likelihood of a CEL. Also note, a CEL with this part, while annoying to look at, has no drivability penalty.
  • Fastline Performance TP 2.5 March, 2
    By Almostlude, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Very well constructed TP, very clean welds, exellent materials used, including fastners. Integrated defouler is very nicely constructed, for the price, it would be hard to find a comparable TP. I did have some CEL's but with the addition of another spark plug fouler was able to address the problem.

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