RV6 Performance V3 PCDs (Precat Deletes), 2007-09 Acura MDX

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RV6 Performance V3 PCDs (Precat Deletes), 2007-09 Acura MDX

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Price: $395.00
This item has been superseded to a new listing. Find it here: RV6 Performance V3 GEN2 HFPCs (High Flow Precats), 2007-09 Acura MDX.
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Test Pipe
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2007-09 Acura MDX
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2pc Set


RV6 Performance produces these fantastic Primary/Pre- Converter Deletes (PCDs) for the 2nd Generation of J-series engines (ones with the 2-port outlet on the cylinder head). These parts are completely designed using 3D CAD and CMM, the transitions from the head to the pipe and from the pipe to the j-pipe are made from precision cast 304 stainless steel. This allows for optimum turbulence free flow with no sacrifice in strength. The castings are thicker than 5mm at their thinnest point. RV6 is confident that these cast sections can handle any abuse without cracking.

RV6 PCDs increase power by completely removing restriction from exhaust. The tradeoff of this wide-open performance is there will be increase sound from the exhaust, which can sometimes add a raspy tone. Additionally, the smell and soot out of the tailpipe will increase as well.

In higher horsepower or high performance applications it is recommended that users buy the PCD, or Pre-Cat Delete kit because the metal converter cores in the HFPCs can deteriorate prematurely due to their close placement to the engine.

- 304 Stainless cast stainless flange sections.
- 304 Stainless steel tubes 
- TIG welded

All two converter replacement sections and necessary hardware for installation, including gaskets, brackets, and defoulers were needed.


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