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ATLP V2-R Quad-tip 3" Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System, Non-Resonated, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S, ES0001V2R

Part Number:
ATLP Sports-Luxury Products
Product Line:
V2-R Quad Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System (Non-Resonated)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (ALL w/ Type-S Bumper or Lip)
ATLP V2-R Quad-tip 3" Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System, Non-Resonated, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S, ES0001V2R



Completely mandrel bent 3" to dual 2.25" Stainless Steel 439 tubing. Extremely durable and guaranteed not to rust or break apart.

Two Stainless Steel 304 Mufflers & Four Sexy 3.5 Inch 2 Piece Tips.
Silent-sport German-made packing.
Utilizes all factory hangers.
Uses thick, SOLID flanges.

While the Original Quad-Exhaust system for the TL-S is produced in 2.5" piping, this 3" system is designed to maximize advanced engine tuning. Increased displacement and or supercharging demand greater exhaust flow that only larger piping can provide.

We were able to maintain the smooth tone while cruising and deep authoritative roar at full throttle. Sound is notably increased as the larger piping will do. This cat-back is tuned the to keep drone at a minimum, while increasing the power of any 2.5" system 5-10 hp throughout the rev range. Mid-range and top end power was increased. Coupled with a V2-R J-pipe, this system will provide the most power available in the mid-rev-range.

Exhaust bolts on to the third cat and runs at 3 inches, and splits off into a dual 2.25 inch diameter tailpipes which flows into the mufflers.



  • - Four 3.5h polished 2-Piece tips shows the attention to detail.
  • - Staggered offset accents the body line, with or without the A-spec kit.
  • - A matte finished face and hi-polished canister gives the entire exhaust a distinct look.
  • - TIG welded seams.


  • - Fits 2007-08 Acura TL-S (Auto/6MT)
  • - Fits 2004-2008 Base TL (Auto/6MT)*
  • - *Stock Base bumper must be fitted with a Type-S spec  rear A-Spec lip, or replaced with a TL-S bumper as the larger tip cut outs are required.


All necessary gaskets and installation hardware is included.

Factory hangers are re-used.

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Customer Questions


What is the difference between the ATLP V2 and the V2-R


The V2-R system is 3" from the cat to the y-section as opposed to the V2 system with is 2.5". The extra size on the cat-back is good for additional power from about 3500 rpm to redline with no notable losses.


I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.


If I want add resonator do I have to cut pipe and welded resonator or you made like bolt on pipe which I can replaced for resonator or vice versa?


Yes, if you wanted to add a resonator to this system, it would need to be welded in. It is not a bolt-in part. We have that for the 2.5" system, not the 3" one.


Is this a road legal. Planning to purchase the v2-R catback plus the jpipe v2-R?


Hello! The V2-R cat-back is road legal, although the V2-R j-pipe deletes a cat which makes it an off-road pipe.

Q:Will this fit with an rv6 v3 jpipe?

Yes, this exhaust can be installed after an RV6 J-pipe.

Q:What resonator is used in the resonated ATLP systems?

A hand-made ATLP resonator is used on ATLP exhaust systems. The non-resonated systems do not come with resonators.

Q:Can I use a ATLP V2 (not V2-R) J pipe on this V2-R exhaust?

Yes certainly! The combination of the V2 short-tube and Race pipe on a V2-R cat back nets the most power gain we have recorded on a J-series.

Q:Is the v2r j pipe and exhaust street legal together

The V2-R j-pipe deletes the 3rd converter so it is not street legal, even when paired with the V2-R Cat-back.

Q:Whats the difference in cabin drone with this V2-R and the V2?

There is actually very little difference in interior sound between the V2-R and the V2 (non-resonated version). While not particularly loud, both systems will be quite audible. If reducing drone is the main goal you will want a resonator in the system.

Q:Does the V2 J-Pipe fit to this cat-back or would I need the V2-R?

You can use any J-pipe you like with this j-pipe. They all will bolt up fine. The V3-R pipe from ATLP is probably the best match for max performance.

Q:Do I need to get the v2-r j pipe since it's 3" tubing or would this fit on the stock? Or should I just stick with the regular v2 and not change jpipe?
A:No you do not need the V2-R or V3-R j-pipe with this cat back. The benefit will largely be the same.

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  • ATLP V2-R Quad-tip 3" Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System March, 12
    By Tai Le, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Words can't describe how satisfied I am with this purchase. I made this purchase back on Black Friday 2017. It took about two months but it's worth the wait since I didn't want to put it on the car till after Winter. The quality and craftsmanship top notch. Installation and fitment is 100%. No issues with the clearance and everything bolted right back up without a problem including the OEM plastic bottom covers. Sound and performance are amazing. You get a nice deep tone and rumble with the 3". There is no drone at highway speeds. I can cruise at 80 and it's nice and quiet. Keep in mind, I'm also running the ALTP V2-R J-Pipe with the 3" collector and RV6 HFPC. It's quiet when it needs to be and it will open up when you hit the throttle. It's music to your ears. Performance is on another level. You can tell that the exhaust gave a performance upgrade. This made the Type S even better. I highly recommend this upgrade to anyone wanting a better sound and performance. And you can't beat the craftsmanship and quality. It's a true work of art.

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