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ATLP V2-R J-Pipe, 2013-17 Honda Accord V6, ES00015V2R

Part Number:
ATLP Sports-Luxury Products
Product Line:
V2-R J-Pipe
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2013-17 (V6)
ATLP V2-R J-Pipe, 2013-17 Honda Accord V6, ES00015V2R



Features of the ATLP V2R J-pipe

  • Features 3" collector design (mates to ATLP cat-backs as well as the stock exhaust system).
  • Eliminates factory restrictive j-pipe and 3rd cat.
  • Has an O2 sensor bung for the front O2 sensor in the factory location.
  • Version-2 Race design provides maximum ground clearance with a cat-delete section. Off-road use only!
  • Calibrated length 2.25" primary tubes for a more the most mid-range and high end torque gains.
  • Will not cause any unwanted sound changes or check engine lights.
  • Pre-positioned tabs come welded on to allow the use of the factory heat shield.

Applications available

  • Fits 2013-17 Honda Accord V6.

Installation Notes

Replaces factory J-pipe and 3rd cat sections. Does not include catalytic converter.


All necessary hardware included as well as new port matched gaskets.

Unbolt the factory j-pipe and converter combination and install the ATLP V2R pipe in its place. There is no cat-efficiency O2 on the 3rd cat. You may transfer the OEM cat heat-shields to the ATLP V2R.

Stainless Steel 439 Construction.
Uses thick, laser-cut flanges.
Straight through application.
Mandrel Bend piping keeps diameters consistent throughout.


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Customer Questions

Q:My 3rd cat *does* have an O2 sensor on my 2014 V6 coupe. What do you do with that sensor? Many thanks!
A:This pipe has an O2 sensor bung in place for the sensor on your 9th gen Accord. We'll clarify our item description.

I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.


Is this street legal or will i have to replace it with the factory pipe each year for inspection?


ATLP V2-R level J-pipes delete the 3rd catalytic converter on the car which does make the part illegal for use on a pollution controlled vehicle.


Do you provide dyno charts for this product?


We've conducted the most extensive dyno testing to date on most J-pipe offerings and recorded them in our blog. See this post for the first test of this part: ATLP, XLR8, and RV6 J-pipes tested together. ATLP V2-R debut!


Hey , interested in buying this soon. Does this come with the 4 pipes installed in the back ? Also does installing this void warranty ?


We think you may be referring to the Quad Cat-Back system when you say "four pipes in the back." The quad cat-back replaces all the pipes under the car and finishes off the rear with polished quad-tips.

These exhaust parts will not void the car's warranty.


This Jpipe its primary 2.5" and outgoing to 3"?


The primary pipes are 2.25" in diameter. The merge transitions to a 3" outlet.


Will this fit with a 9th gen Accord Sedan with a 2.4l 4 cyl? If not, do you have any product that will?


This part is designed for a V6 Accord. For an inline-4 9th generation Accord, look to this product: RV6 Performance PCD/Downpipe, 2013-15 Honda Accord 4-Cyl Earth Dreams


How does this affect the powerband compared to the RV6? Does it still improve low end torque comparable to the RV6 but without the rasp or does the ATLP mainly improve the top end?


Compared to the RV6 J-Pipe, the ATLP powerband is going to be higher in the RPM range. Where the RV6 tapers off at about 3000-4000 rpm, the ATLP come on at about 3000 and tapers closer to 5000 RPM for more midrange power. Overall, both parts gain over stock everywhere in the rev range.

Q:So can you take the oem j pipe out and install this one right to the rest of the stock exhaust?


Q:The exhaust article shown above shows a shorter J Pipe and also shows the test pipe. Does the V2-R replace the factory J Pipe and third cat?

Yes the V2-R from ATLP is a longer pipe that replaces the factory j-pipe and 3rd cat in one piece. The V2 is a j-pipe replacement only that uses a separate race pipe to delete the 3rd cat.

Q:Does this fit the sedan?

Yes this part fits both the coupe and sedan the same.

Q:Will the CEL ever turn on with PCD and J-pipe? I know the elbow pieces should fool the ECU but I want to make sure.
A:You would not get any CEL with this j-pipe although you could possibly, in rare cases, get one with a PCD set. The defoulers do a good job keeping them off but aren't always perfect.
Q:With this jpipe fit with the borla axleback?
A:Yes, this pipe will fit with any exhaust that has an OEM bolt-on design, including the Borla.
Q:I know the inlet from the converter side of the J-Pipe is 2.25 inches. My question is what size is the outlet going to the mid-pipe? Is it 2.25 inches or 3 inches? (I hope 3" inches)
A:This j-pipe has a 3" collector design and a 3" flange outlet.

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  • Bang for the Buck Mod February, 21
    By Ben Pack, Grocery Getter
    After install you will notice a better sport sound from the exhaust. The gain is definitely noticeable in the mid/upper range. Went on relatively easy; my bolt holes didn't line up as much as I hoped so I had to force it with it a skinny socket. Luckily with the right tools I still got it all done within 2-hours. Would've took 45 minutes but the stock j-pipe bolts were rusted. The welds and looks of the pipe are just awesome. Really is worth every penny. Gas smell not that bad, very little. I can't notice it after it warms up and I have RV6 HFPC paired with it. Thank you to Heeltoe for great products, at a great price, at a great shipping time!
  • Clearance is questionable January, 2
    By Philip, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Jpipe looks and sounds great after installed with rv6 pre cat deletes. Unfortunately while bolting it up the rear pre cat bolt hole was drilled to close to the jpipe itself and had to be forced on with a combo wrench and tightened down with a 6 point skinny socket because the clearance wasn't there to tighten the bolt down with out scraping the metal
  • ATLP J-Pipe for 13-17 V6 Accord July, 19
    By Jimmy G., Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Im really happy with the ATLP J-pipe, The gain are really good in the mid/upper rev range. The installation was fairly easy. It will fit the oem midpipe (my case) aswell as atfermarket midpipe or any Catback exhaust. Since it remove the 3rd cat, you may be worried about the smell that comes with it, but it is almost unnoticeable! Noise wise, it added a slighty sportier tone to the stock exhaust . Overall the finish quality is pretty good. Since it was installed, no CEL has been triggered and i've been running it for 3 month. If your looking for great performance, easy installation and almost no added noise/smell this J-Pipe is the way to go!

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