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KTuner FlashV1 "End User" ECM Reflash Tool, 2008-12 Honda Accord 4-Cylinder

Product Line:
FlashV1 "End User" ECM Reflash Tool
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2008-12 (4-Cyl)
KTuner FlashV1 "End User" ECM Reflash Tool, 2008-12 Honda Accord 4-Cylinder

Item is discontinued and unavailable for ordering.


(As of 2018, the KTuner Flash V1.2 has replaced this. See the appropriate listing!)


The KTuner is an innovative tool for tuning your Honda or Acura's engine. The End-User kit includes a dongle for OBD-2 port connection of a laptop for on-the-fly data logging and tuning.

Product Description: The KTuner flash tuning package comes with a single KTuner hardware unit paired with a single user license for the KTuner software. Use it to connect a laptop to your car and recalibrate your factory computer to improve power and efficiency.


What models are supported?: Various Honda and Acura Models are supported and the applications list is growing all the time. If you aren't finding KTuner for your car, contact us for a test ECU opportunity.

Check compatibility with ECU Part numbers: For latest compatibility and feature info and to verify that KTuner is right for your application, please refer to the KTuner Applications site.

What's included with the package?

  • An OBD2 USB interface.
  • 6' USB Cable With Ferrite Bead.
  • KTuner Software License for one vehicle.

Customer Questions

Q:If i get this, can I tune it without a computer? I was interested in the 2-step and code clearing features. I have a mac, not a PC. Is this a problem?

You will need to have a laptop computer in order to tune your car with a KTuner. I believe the KTuner program runs on Windows only so to use your Mac you should be able to run an emulator.

Q:Are you able to live tune with this device?

That feature is currently in BETA for some applications. For clarity, in order to TUNE with this device you need a laptop connected. The device itself does not perform tuning functions, just allows uploads of new tunes you develop with the management software on a laptop.

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