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Synchrotech Carbon Rebuild Kit, K-Series Transmissions, Optional Single/Dual Cone Options

Part Number:
Product Line:
Carbon Transmission Rebuild Kit
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda I-4, K-Series (split)
Synchrotech Carbon Rebuild Kit, K-Series Transmissions, Optional Single/Dual Cone Options



Buy this set to improve shifting response with Synchrotech Pro Series Carbon Lined Synchros! The carbon rebuild kit offers the best shifting available from your transmission rebuild.

Unlike the carbon/moly or carbon fiber weave synchros that have a spray coating or a woven carbon fiber fabric, Synchrotech Pro Series Carbon Synchros have a full carbon composite lining. Utilizing carbon-carbon technology initially developed for the Aerospace industry, our carbon composite material acts as a braking material during gear engagement. This allows for quicker and more precise shifting and prolongs the life of the synchro sleeve and gear engagement teeth. These are the most technologically advanced synchros on the market.


  • Synchrotech® 1-6 Pro Series Carbon Synchro Set
  • 1-6 springs
  • OEM 4 shaft bearings
  • bearing clip
  • OEM 2 axle seals
  • OEM input seal
  • OEM shift rod seal.

Customer Questions


does this kit come with differential bearings?


No, differential bearings are not included with this core rebuild kit.

Q:If my 2nd gear is grinding and I buy this set, what other items do I still need to get? Since I'm opening up the transmission might as well replace all synchros but I'm not sure what else I need to get for 2nd gear
A:You could possible need a new 2nd gear as well, as the syncro teeth engage with the gear and those are prone to wear. If you don't have an LSD we would highly recommend one. Also some new bearings is probably a good idea. We can help provide these other items to you.
Q:Does this kit work for a 2004 Acura TSX manual transmission ?

Yes when ordered with the correct option this kit will work with a 2004 TSX.

Q:To clarify, this kit would allow me to replace my worn OEM Honda synchros with Syncrotech's beef'd up version correct? So to say if I have a worn 2nd gear, this kit would resolve that issue?

This kit is an upgraded set of synchros, however your worn second gear will not be replaced with this kit. That is an additional part to source.

Q:Which is better, carbon or brass synchros?
A:Sychros are all brass, basically, because that material slides against the synchro teeth well. These are carbon-lined brass which provides better smoothness but also a harder finish for less wear.

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