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HTSpec Short Shifter Package: Stage 1 Sports/Performance, 2003-07 Accord Manual Trans, 4-Cylinder

HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
Sport/Performance Shifter Package
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2003-07 (4-Cyl)
HTSpec Short Shifter Package: Stage 1 Sports/Performance, 2003-07 Accord Manual Trans, 4-Cylinder



The HTSpec Shifter Package includes a CT-E Short shifter, Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings, and a weighted Maven Shift Knob. Optional are a Stainless Braided Clutch Hose from Fastline Performance and new Honda Genuine DOT 3 Brake/Clutch fluid.

The function of each item in this kit adds a significant advantage to the whole system, but without all the items working together the system is flawed. Many people purchase these items individually, looking for shifting nirvana only to find themselves completing this package to get the best function out of their shifter, and spending a lot more in the process! DO IT RIGHT. Get an HTSpec Shifter Package to improve the overall function and feel of your manual-Honda/Acura's shifter!


    Read up on the benefits of each item, and how they work together to complete the shifter upgrade properly:
  • CT-E Short Shifter: Shortens the throw of the shift lever, making the distance traveled shorter and the shift a bit faster.
  • 1 lb Maven Shift Knob: Adds weight to the shifter which increases momentum. This smooths out the notchy feeling that can come with the installation of the short shifter.
  • Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings: These aluminum bushings replace the rubber bushings on the shift cables that deflect under the force of shifting, which is exacerbated by the added weight of the Maven knob.
  • OPTIONAL ADDITION:Fastline Performance Clutch Hose: With a faster smoother shift it is necessary to improve the smoothness and accuracy of clutch operation. This hose, along with the supplied fluid from Honda, will restore and improve the feel of the clutch pedal for more accurate friction-zone modulation and faster reactions you'll need with you revitalized shift system!

Astute readers will notice the HTSpec Stage 1 Shifter Package does not include shifter base bushings, as replacing these will serve only to increase the level of vibration and discomfort of the driving experience, detracting from the high-end nature of your Honda/Acura.

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Customer Questions


Is this kit only for 4 cyl accords? Or will it also work with V6 6mt?


Thanks for reaching out! We have added a listing for V6 Accords here: HTSpec Short Shifter Package: Stage 1 Sports/Performance, 2003-07 Honda Accord V6

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