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Does Modifying My Car Void the Warranty?

  • Posted: 06-01-2016 01:36 AM
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A customer recently sent this question in:

Do any of your exhaust systems, air intakes, or tuning kits void the honda warranty?

The real and true answer to this question can get a bit drawn out and complicate, but ultimately, the best and most simple answer we have is this:

Great question! The answer is no, and yes. No single part can void a car's warranty completely. However, replacing specific items can cause the coverage to be compromised. For example, if you change the exhaust on the car, and a related part of the exhaust fails (such as a rubber hanger or O2 sensor) the specific items that failed may not be covered. But, your airbags, for example, still would be.

The key to modifying a vehicle still under warranty is to get good quality parts which won't cause any problems with the car, and to arm yourself with knowledge so as not to be told your warranty is voided simply because you've done a few unrelated mods.


06-07-2016 05:45 AM at 5:45 AM
So let's say I lowered my car with some coils... and I need to get an oil change or change my brakes and I have a 7 year warranty package will the coils prevent me from using my warranty? If not, what if the Honda dealership tells me they will not work on my car? :/ Thanks for the tip though!
Administrator Note:
No, the coilovers will not void the warranty on the car. If you have a suspension bushing, or other failure that could be connected to the modification you've done, the dealer may not cover it. However, if you had an issue with a power seat not working, or some other unrelated failure, there would be no grounds not to complete the work if it was covered under warranty. The important distinction is, the warranty for the CAR is not voided. But for certain parts, coverage may no longer be available after a modification.

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