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DEPO JDM 2006-08 EuroR-Style Headlamp Set, Fits All 2004-08 Acura TSX, HL-AC-TSX-04-JDM-06-D2S

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JDM Style Head Lamp
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08 (2006-08 custom mount)
DEPO JDM 2006-08 EuroR-Style Headlamp Set, Fits All 2004-08 Acura TSX, HL-AC-TSX-04-JDM-06-D2S



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DEPO Headlights faithfully replicate the Honda Genuine JDM Headlights - Essential for a JDM appearance, with enhanced lighting. These lamps have the visual appearance of genuine JDM 06-08 lamps with the light-blue tinted corner lamp diffusers.

Fits 04-05 TSX with no mods needed. 06-08 TSX will require custom mounting of the ballasts on the bottom of the lamp units. See related articles for details!

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Customer Questions


From a customer: I would like to ask about the light output and clarity of those replica headlamps. I found a few pictures of a cut off on some forums, it looked alright. Still, many people seems to find the depo projector inferior to the OEM Acura TSX projector.

However, I am coming from halogen headlamps. I have European Honda Accord 2007 with halogen H1 projectors. I would like a significant improvement over my halogen headlamps. Will the depo replica with HID provide a substantial improvement over my current setup (I have extreme vision +110 halogen bulbs) or do i also have to buy an OEM Acura TSX projector separately? So in short, how good is the depo hid projector? Is the light output acceptable for a non-light-enthusiast? I just need an improved road illumination.


We've found that public opinion can widely vary on subjective topics, such as the perceived quality of light output on a headlight. These DEPO lamps are excellent replacements for the stock US TSX units. Nearly every part of them is made just as well as the standard lamps.

However the projectors and cut-offs inside the lamps definitely are different. The stock cut-offs are made of die-cast metal and the DEPO ones are stamped. We can't say that this results in a dramatically different performance level of performance, and light output is the same, we are sure the DEPOs are not perfect facilities of the genuine article.

Back to back, against a stock HID lamp, these will be at least 90% as good if you are particular, and even better if you are not. Against a non-HID lamp, we would figure this to be a very good upgrade lamp to use.


I only require one headlamp, would I be able to purchase one instead of a pair?


Unfortunately, these lamps are only available as a pair through our site. However if you do send an email to us using our contact link, we may be able to source a single for you. We'll look forward to that contact!


are these the blue crystal corner lens or just blue lens just like stock? Thank you


The diffusers on the corner lamps are a light blue color. The bulb is a standard bulb. They are styled after the genuine JDM 2006-08 diffusers.

Q:It says (custom mount for the 06-08) in the description. Does that mean it comes with it or you still have to modify? Just curious before I make my decision.

The lamps will bolt into your 2006-08 perfectly. however the ballasts in the 2006-08 will not mount like factory and some modification is needed to get them installed on these lamps.

Q:what kind of modifications are we talking about for 06 -08 is there any tutorial or such?

Yes, we have more information on installing these lamps on your car in the article linked on this page titled "Installing JDM or DEPO Headlights In Your 04-08 Acura TSX, And Converting JDM Lamps To Left-Hand-Drive."

Q:Will this fit directly with an 04 05 TSX or will I need to replace the headlight ballast?
A:This is a 100% direct install on a 2004-05 TSX.

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  • Depo February, 21
    By ming, Grocery Getter
    Just installed these depo headlight on my 04 tsx the cut off line is sharp but the performance of the projector is not good at all. Craftsmanship is good for being a aftermarket headlight only down side is the projector, the projector is removable but is design different than the OEM one. If the OEM projector fits it will make the light so perfect.
  • DEPO Euro REPS January, 14
    By Franco, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    The headlights are good fitment for replicas considering i have tried other brands out there. In terms of function the headlights do the job, however the output and clarity of the beam is not up to par with the OEM pair.

    Taking a closer look at the quality it seems well built. I am happy with purchase. I paired the lights with amber leds for the markers and turn signals and they look great.

    Overall a great upgrade. Last note, you can not change the projectors in replicas.

  • Marcus is the best! July, 8
    By Sanjeet Ryan, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Excellent fitment. Ballast was customized with plumbers tape to insure perfect fitment and no condensation. Lights are perfect. Whoever is doubting purchasing these, don't!
  • Depo Reps March, 6
    By k24jose, Street Performance Enthusiast
    got these to replace my oem units, once i picked up from Marcus, fell in love. transferring bulbs were easy and install was simple. Only problem was that i cant use the bumper brace with the lights, maybe its just my car. LOL

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