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Heeltoe Knows Awesome Customer Service...Do you?

You sure know bad service when it comes around. But awesome service is harder to recognize. Great customer service is about doing more than getting a tracking number emailed from a drop-ship location. Anyone can do that. Heetoe does more.

Heeltoe knows awesome customer service means being there. Being there when that package doesn't show up. When you need a little advice while under the car on the weekend. When you've "researched" parts enough to go 'round in circles twice in forums and need the story set straight, being an ear to bend for a minute. When you need to buy a gift or return something, we try to go out of our way to make the process simple, and above all, friendly. Read on to learn more about the different ways we provide awesome service to Heeltoe fans!

Layaway Payments
Making & Splitting Payments
Price Guarantee
No-Hassle Returns
Product Quality


Real, Experienced, Honest Advice...for Free

We are known giving some of the best advice in the industry. While we don't always have the answers for your specific problem, we can help give you the information you need to make your vehicle modification decisions. We make it part of our normal, everyday business to make sure our customers are able to meter all the inputs from web forums and social media into logical, balanced decisions.

Layaway Payments

In a Layaway, you have ordered a part from our store but are making payments over time. It might be a special ordered item that takes a while to come in, or it may be an item in stock we have agreed to hold for you while you make payments on it. The item will not ship until all the payments have been made on it.

Here is the general process for making a Layaway order:

  1. Email us at support@heeltoeauto.com. We'll want to make sure that Layaway makes sense for the item you want.
  2. We'll instruct you on placing an order for the item online using the payment method "Pay Later" or "Layaway."
  3. If you are not charged anything at the time of checkout, we will contact you with instructions on making your initial payment (which are also available here).
  4. We will be requesting payments on a regular time table and you pay as you are able to. We generally expect you to complete payments within 3 months, so plan accordingly.

When the order is paid up we will proceed with completing the order. Note that we may not have the part ready when the payments are complete, so there may be some extra lead time to deal with before the order can be completed.

Making Payments & Splitting Payment Methods

Making a Payment

There are times when it is necessary to collect payments related to an order. Some examples of this situation are:

  • Shipping charge adjustments; such as changes in services to change delivery times
  • Making a payment on a layaway order
  • An item has been added to an order, per customer request

These are some of the many reasons we might need you to make a random payment. Here is how it is done:

  1. Visit our payment item here: https://www.heeltoeauto.com/payment.html
  2. Enter "x.xx" in the "Our Price" field, where x.xx is the amount we are asking to be paid in $USD.
  3. Enter the number "xxxxx" in the "Order reference" field. xxxxx is the text we instruct you to input.
  4. Add to cart and checkout with the payment item. Note that no shipping is added to the payment item, and do not use any coupons on checkout as this will reduce the total payment. We need the exact amount specified.

Splitting Payment Methods

There may be times when you want to use more than one payment method to place an order. Maybe you want to order a $275 item but want $100 coming form a Credit Card and the rest from PayPal. Here is how you do that:

  1. Determine the amounts you want to pay with each method. We'll use the example above for this instruction.
  2. Visit this page and buy a Gift Certificate in your own name for the first payment amount ($100 in this case) https://www.heeltoeauto.com/giftcert.php
  3. Complete an order for the Gift Certificate using the appropriate payment method (Credit Card in this case).
  4. Monitor your email for the Gift Certificate code.
  5. Continue Shopping and add the item you want to order to cart.
  6. When you get to "Payment Method" on the checkout page, copy in the Gift Certificate code to reduce the total.
  7. Complete the balance payment with your alternative payment selection.

Voila! You have split the order payment across two methods!

Our Price Guarantee

If, within 30 days of purchasing a product, a Heeltoe Automotive customer finds a favorable offer on the same product, Heeltoe Automotive may credit back the value difference in price, issued as a Gift Certificate with no expiration date. Exclusions may apply, so read on.

How to submit a Price Guarantee request

  1. If you find a competing deal, check the date on your Heeltoe order. If TODAY is less than 30 days from the date your order was initiated, the order is eligible for submission. A competing deal can be a sale or coupon, and can include shipping or rebate incentives.
  2. Draft an email to support@heeltoeauto.com with a link to the deal found, or a screenshot image (images must be smaller than 1 Mb). Note that the date of your email must be within 30 days from the date your order was initiated.
  3. We will review and may qualify the submission. This process can take a few business days. Please be patient while we investigate your request.
  4. Upon approval of the Price Guarantee, pending Completion of the order in question, funds be credited to you.
  5. If the order is Canceled, Returned, or Refunded for any reason after it has been Completed, any Price Guarantee store credit related to the order will be unavailable for use. If the credit is used at the time when the original order is to be refunded, the item will be refunded less the credit amount.

Qualifying Price Guarantee Submissions

Lower prices can come up for a number of reasons, so competing offers must be qualified. Simply put, we are looking for solid deals to match with legitimate competing vendors. Watch out for these scenarios that may not qualify:

  • The total deal is considered in comparison: Shipping costs, orders with more than one item, additional services rendered, etc. will be determining factors.
  • The competing company is not violating any minimum advertised pricing or unilateral pricing policies. If the company is in violation of policy they are being dishonest and may not be offering a legitimate service that is equitable to Heeltoe Automotive's.
  • Group Buys may not be able to be matched, although we encourage you to submit them as you wish.
  • The advertisement is an expired web posting or based on out-of-date pricing.

There may be other circumstances were competing deals are not able to be qualified. However, we encourage you to submit your requests. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we'll do what we can to make your past, present, and future experiences great!

Our No-Hassle Return Policy

We welcome you to contact us regarding any purchase you've made from us. Simply Contact Us to obtain return authorization and send the item back. We'll process the return and present you with an option for refund or store credit. We will not charge stocking fees on most items. We do not charge "processing" or "handling" fees for most returns. We try to make the process simple and fair for our customers.

Return Rules

  • Special order items may not eligible for return. Special order items are those which are custom-made, made to order, sourced internationally, or otherwise non-standard, non-stocking parts that are not easily re-sellable or returnable to our suppliers. Please confirm return-ability of an item prior to purchasing. 
  • Return requests must be made within 7 business days of receipt of item if a refund is to be requested. Return requests may be made after 7 days, but less than 30 days, of receipt of parts may be done so for store credit.
  • Any return request made after 30 days of receipt of the item may be denied.
  • Return Shipping: Items returned to Heeltoe Automotive are shipped back at the customer's expense. If items are damaged in return shipping, the shipper is responsible for filing and completing claims against that shipment. Heeltoe will be available to sign for packages. Items not marked as Signature Required which are later lost will not be the responsibility of Heeltoe.
  • Rerouting: In some cases, Heeltoe may provide a shipping label for the return-item to ship to another customer. By requesting a refund the returner agrees to cooperate with this rare practice if needed.
  • Returns on used or clearance items may not be accepted, except in the case of a buy-back.
  • Shipping fees paid on the original shipment are not refundable.

Product Quality

  • All concerns including defect, damage, missing parts, mispacked items, or other concerns regarding the quality of the product must be communicated within one month of receipt of the item to be eligible for service consideration.
  • If a part is received and/or installed and the customer is unhappy with the quality or workmanship of the product, Heeltoe Automotive may act to preserve customer happiness by accepting a return, providing a refund or credit (which is determined by Heeltoe Automotive) or giving support to improve the customer's satisfaction with the product.
  • Items must be returned in the condition they were originally shipped. Items which have been modified, damaged in transit, or otherwise received by Heeltoe in a condition other than was received by the customer are subject to pro-rated reimbursement if not covered by any insurance consideration.
  • If the product received is found to be defective or broken, it shall be repaired or replaced at the will of the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer of the product may be responsible for facilitating the repair or replacement of the part in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. The shipper is responsible for paying shipping fees, however Heeltoe Automotive will act as the advocate of the customer in attaining reimbursement of the return shipping amount to the customer by the manufacturer of the product.
  • Shipping fees are the responsibility of the party attempting to transfer a product from point A to point B. In an inability to deliver parts in person, shipping carriers are used. These costs are not recoverable and may not be subject to reimbursement.


Got a part that is too old to return, but don't need it any more? Maybe you sold the car or maybe you replaced the part with something else. Consider selling the part back to Heeltoe Automotive! 

  • Heeltoe Automotive may choose to buy products from customers which are used, unwanted, or otherwise offered to Heeltoe for purchase.
  • Buy-backs are for store credit only.
  • The seller will approach Heeltoe Automotive with an item for buy-back via email. They will present the product description including imagery depicting the overall quality and completeness. Heeltoe Automotive will make an offer to purchase the item. If agreed to, the item will be sent to Heeltoe Automotive to proceed with the transaction.
  • Product must be sent to Heeltoe and evaluated before payment is final. Misrepresented parts will be subject to offer adjustment, or purchase declination. Declined purchases will be sent back to customer upon receipt of return shipping funds, which are the responsibility of the seller.

Reimbursement Policy

Here is how we will handle money handling if we need to give funds back to you.

  • Refunds are given for cancellations of orders not yet shipped or for authorized returns which have been recorded within 7 days of the receipt of the order. Heeltoe Automotive may offer an incentive to the customer to receive store credit as opposed to a refund.
  • Refunds will be made back to the buyer's original payment source. In the event that this is not possible, a company check will be mailed.
  • Refunds for returned items may not include original or returned shipping fees. If items were originally sold with free shipping, a refund will be the cost of the items minus the original shipping cost paid by Heeltoe.
  • Reimbursement of returned parts may be pro-rated (reduced from original amount) if the item is not received in as-new condition, inclusive of the product packaging.
  • If a part is damaged in shipping, it will be replaced after a shipping claim is processed. 
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