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CRXmas 2015

  • Posted: 12-19-2015 01:24 PM
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Every year our friend Scott Harris immortalizes his passion for a particular old Honda with a fun poem. This year was no different and we're sharing it with you.

CR-Xmas 2015
By Scott Harris

Listen my children and you shall hear,
The same stupid poem that I write every year.

Why should you listen? You’ve heard it many times.
But this year is special, I’ve got some new rhymes.

I write about old Honda cars, that are little and weird.
Particularly loved by cool hipsters with big fluffy beards.

We come from many places, some near and some far.
Yet we all agree about one type of front wheel drive car.

We meet here to talk about old Honda cars together,
You might even call us a type of automotive birds of a feather.

A Honda or Acura are the names you may call it.
But the way they work is certainly not bullshit.

We like to share pictures of parked cars, all shiny front and back.
But I prefer speed blurred shots of our cars racing on the track.

Old Honda parts are scarce; you know that’s no lie.
Even in junkyards, slim to none is the used part supply.

But stuff can be bought from Marcus, Jordain or Danny.
But it may require pulling big bucks out of your fanny.

“Sell me a ‘whatz-it’, a ‘thingy’ or a ‘son of a bob.’
But cool parts cost so much; I will totally need a second job.”

What adjustments to make, we don’t always agree.
Like how much rear camber, degree one, two or three.

We cannot agree that the rear brakes should have aluminum drums.
And very few are shy about calling my old man ideas totally dumb.

I have all the facts, my data is totally empirical.
Deniers and haters, your thoughts are just theoretical.

We post and reply, we argue and we share.
But because our passion is strong and we all really care.

‘Tis the season to enjoy some seasonal holiday cheer.
Like whiskey, or bourbon, or maybe an artisan crafted beer.

Be happy and warm; cherish your family and friends.
Remember those who have passed, because love never ends.

One last thought, be careful how you drive.
We want you all to come home alive.

Thanks a lot, Scott! Have a Happy Christmas from all of us at!


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