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CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox Cold Air Box, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord EuroR CL7 CL9, 330-155

CT Engineering (Formerly Comptech USA)
Product Line:
Air Intake System
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox Cold Air Box, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord EuroR CL7 CL9, 330-155



* IceBox Cold Air Intake
* High volume lid with internal velocity stack
* Increases airflow to engine
* Lower air horn draws cooler air from behind the bumper and eliminates
restriction of standard inlet
* Includes High flow reusable foam filter element
* All necessary hardware included including longer screws for easier install of lid on lower box
* Application: 04-08 Acura TSX
* Installation time: 2 Hours +/-

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Customer Questions


Do you guys have the carbon fiber version of this for sale?


We no longer offer the carbon lid for these ice-boxes as CT no longer makes them.


Are these Carb certified?


Yes, this is a CARB exempt part


Is this CA Legal (road legal/SMOG legal in California)?


Yes, this part is CARB exempt and comes with an exemption decal installed on the box.


Will this fit US Spec 2008 Honda Accords; K24Z3 engines?


It will not, we are sorry.


Will this fit a stock dimension air filter? I JUST bought a K&N for my stock airbox...


We do know that people will oftentimes use the K&N filters in the CT Icebox. Some light modification to the filter may be needed.


Where can I get another filter for the CT ice box? The one that comes with it, can I buy that seperately?


Heeltoe stocks and sells replacement CT filters here: CT-Engineering replacement air filter for 330-155 Icebox, 311-008


will these fit with larger batteries? I had to remove the stock battery tray as I run a stinger SPP 1700 battery.


This intake uses the stock lower airbox, so as long as the stock intake hardware fits with your battery, this intake should also be compatible.

Q:Will this fit 2006 Honda Accord, K24A8 engine?

This part is not designed to fit a USDM Accord. The Accord listed is an overseas model.

Q:Is this the carbon fiber version?
A:This listing is for the plastic air box.
Q:What is the inlet diameter opening of the air box lid? Where the induction hose connects to.

We do not have the exact dimension but the OD of the airbox outlet is the same size as the outlet of the OE airbox lid.

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Craftsmanship / Quality:


  • Stock Look, but with Aftermarket Performance December, 28
    By Mr Buckskin, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    From my own experience, the Icebox not only provides better throttle response, it also provides better MPG as well. The city gas mileage did not change, but I’ve seen an improvement of 2-3 MPG on the highway. When cruising the highway, I find myself using less throttle to maintain the same speeds prior to the Icebox install. Just keep in mind that any spirited driving habits will likely decreased the MPG.

    For the installation, I opted NOT to remove the front bumper as the instructions called out. Instead, you can access the resonator by removing the driver side tire and peeling back the wheel well lining. With this method, you will also need to remove the fog light cover to access one of the bolts for the stock resonator (applies to all 1st Gen TSX models). Only problem with this method is that it doesn’t provide much clearance to remove the resonator box, so you need to apply lots of patience when doing so. The rest of the installation is very straightforward and I didn’t run into any fitment issues that some other folks commented.

    I also used the aFe Pro Dry air filter since I wanted a reuseable filter that didn’t need to be re-oiled after cleaning. If you go that route, you will need to buy the weather strip tape to line the bottom of the Icebox lid. This will allow a proper seal between the Icebox lid and the air filter since they are not an exact fit. The weather stripping is also required if you plan to use the K&N or the stock air filter as well.

    Lastly, the Icebox kit I received did not include the longer screws required to secure the Icebox to the stock air box. Before installing, make sure to purchase four M5 bolts (30-35mm length) at your local hardware store.

    Overall, if you’re looking for an intake that provides a stock look and provides modest performance and MPG gains, you can’t go wrong with this product.
  • Good for subtle sound October, 19
    By Pally777, Grocery Getter
    The quality of the product is average as the plastic tubes do not fit exactly together. The sound of the intake is great if you want something subtle with a deep growl when you step on it. Otherwise, power-wise I didn't feel much with my butt dyno.

    Great service by Heeltoe to send me the extended screws that help keep the CTE lid on tight. The stock screws do not hold the lid on or it barely does, so this is a must! Thanks Marcus for the extended length screws.
  • Good mod for CL9's July, 3
    By Chan, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I have a UK Accord CL9 (TSX in the US), and I have purchased and imported this kit from HT. It's been on the car a number of months now, and the throttle response is much better. The key point is that this kit has helped with low end power and all through the rev range. Definitely the best bang for your buck. Great in VTEC too :)
  • CT-E IceBox April, 17
    By Andrew Baca, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    for me it pretty much came down to this and the K&N cold air. I went with this product due to price and the factory look. After reading the intake shoot out that was posted on this site sometime after i got the item i was even happier that i had purchased the best bang for the buck intake for the TSX. As stated by a previous comment the engine sound picked up and is nice and clean. On a side note if you are feeling brave you can remove the plastic inlets on the bumper next to the left foglight to get a more direct charge going into the inlet. Highly suggest getting some mesh to make sure nothing too big gets pulled in (Next weekend project) Other than that great product!
  • CT Icebox July, 4
    By Terrence Dabere, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Love the service at HT.Install is fairly easy. Hardest part is removing the resonator carefully.The lid of the Ct airbox will require you to use the metal sleeves from the stock airbox (use needlenose pliers and they slide right out). I removed the battery to have better working room. Performane wise, the revs pick up a lot faster. The car is louder once you pass mid 2k rpm but not annoying. Instant fuel savings noticed after install, went from 9.8l/100km to 9.0l/100km. Only been a day so these numbers will need to settle. Only downside is the airbox cover looks like the old comptech sport logo was sanded down and repainted but can easily be spray painted on with a stencil (todays project).

    Thanks HT, highly recommended!!
  • Concerns with this intake explained March, 21
    By MrHeeltoe, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    There were two issues that came up in the later part of 2010. Here I will explain them:

    1) FITMENT. These intakes were subject to a "bad run" late in 2010, so many intakes were shipped that had poor fitment. All of the effected intakes we know of were either exchanged or replaced with new ones. The problem was a simple issue of the molded lids being injected with a little too much material and this caused a problem with fitting the top box onto the OEM bottom box. Again, the issue was already resolved months ago.

    2) FINISH ON THE LID. The top of the box used to be branded with the Comptech name and had a textured finish to it. Since Comptech changed ownership and the name changed to CT Engineering, it became necessary to remove the name Comptech from the top of the box. The resulting finish after removing the name is plain and can be slightly dull looking. There is no other negative impact to this changes although some customers find the finish unattractive. We hear CT is working on a solution to dress it up a bit.
  • TSX Comptech Icebox Intake Review September, 1
    By DC, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Rcently purchased a 07 TSX AT, and after driving it a while, I realized it didn’t provide the ‘sound’ or character of my previous 07 Civic SI at part throttle or high-rpm driving. Knowing that Acura likely tuned the intake tract to eliminate all possible intake sounds (opposite of the SI), I thought the Comptech intake would be a good first mod to open up the engine slightly and allow a more lively tone (and of course, less restriction).

    Install at first went mostly as expected, meaning the biggest hassle is getting the OEM resonator chamber out. Once the factory resonator chamber is out, installing the lower inlet air horn is simple and straight forward. My disappointment came when installing the new top airbox half. Product quality/appearance is not the best, but reasonable for the price. There were a few thin spots and one outright casting flaw around the outer flange that seats the airbox velocity stack (part that connects to the throttle body tract). The velocity stack is seated in this flange with two small plastic pins, and mine was slightly loose (from the inside, the smallest amount of light could be seen around the circumference of the stack, meaning unfiltered air ‘could’ enter through this slight clearance). I removed the velocity stack and applied a thin layer of Hondabond around the sealing flange, to at least get an airtight seal. The biggest issue I had was getting the new airbox top to fasten to the OEM bottom half. The instructions say ‘…secure using included hardware…’ which implies there should be four new screws to use. In reality, you need to re-use the OEM screws; not a big deal, until you realize that the screws are barely long enough to get the threads to engage. Even worse, the new airbox’s flange hole pattern was not quite aligned with the OEM bottom half, and I could not get 2 of the 4 screws in, no matter what I did. The only solution (which I have yet to try) that I envision working would be to remove the four aluminum screw inserts and see if this helps in thread engagement / alignment. Otherwise, the intake performed nicely. I could immediately tell the engine was more responsive and eager to rev, and of course, the sound was a nice muted but present tone. Completely livable for everyday driving, with the added performance when you want it. Fitment may be hit or miss, but if you're wiling to work with the intake a bit, great value for the price can be realized (as opposed to the high cost variants from Japan).

    *****HeelToe Note: We conferred with this customer and were surprised at the fitment complications. In dozens of other sales of this intake as well as a few in-house installs we had no such issues. CT was notified and they are ensuring that future fitment problems won't arise.
  • June, 28
    By Serge, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Im very happy with this mod . Its very quiet at part throttle up to 3000 rpm and gives you perfect sound and gains at wot. After my first wot i think that there is a hungry bear woke up under my hood. Ive installed it with weapon r header and gains r very notisable , low end lag diappeared , my car is moving from 2000rpm now and pulls much harder all the way to redline. Comparable to my friends cai it has no low end loss , sounds much better and quieter then hissing cai and costs less )) He tried my car and asked me to order him one ! The only thing ive added is KN filter, stock CT foam filter looks absolutely unsexy compared to KN, and ive removed some alu parts from lid to make it close better. Installing it is a lil pain in ass but one more pros compared to cai is that filter can be easily accesed for cleaning, just like a stock one. And one more luck for me - ive sold my stock intake parts left after upgrade and a CT foam filter for 200 bucks ! So , i got my sweet one icebox almost for free )
    Highly recommended !!
  • March, 1
    By inkedup, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Not too loud like some [cold air intakes]. Has a nice subtle deep growl, my only complaint is that the finish on the airbox could of been a little nicer.

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