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Heeltoe harbors a strong sense of community. In addition to supporting automotive communities online, Heeltoe recognizes that we are all part of a large community and it is our duty as citizens to give back some of our energy and resources to help others around us.

Children are the future. It is a big enough job to take on raising one. Heeltoe supports causes that help encourage growth, good values, education, and just plain enjoyment of life, especially for youths. Heeltoe donates to all these causes on occasion, and if you should feel encouraged to do so, too, Heeltoe will match your donation up to $50USD. Simply donate and then send us a copy of your receipt.


Ever want to donate to a cause but want to know where your generosity will end up? Donors Choose allows you to help support school projects at your discretion to help bolster under-funded classrooms. We've gotten thank-you cards after funding classroom donations and there is hardly any more gratifying experience.


Caring for community above one's self is a cornerstone of being a valuable citizen. The Boy Scouts of America helps teach boys to be active and respectful members of a community. It is great for parents as well, who get to help teach leadership and teamwork. In a world perched on mixed moral ground, the values the BSA teaches is a guiding force. National and local donations help support, among other expenses, membership dues and financial assistance for scouts to experience memorable adventures.


Trees are a vital part of the planet. With respect to the cultivating this natural resource for industry, The Arbor Day foundation seeks to balance the global carbon footprint by plating trees. Planting trees has become our preferred means of honoring loved ones lost, as well.


Some kids get dealt a raw deal. To help hospitalized or sheltered children keep spirits high, Child's Play distributes video game systems for their personal enjoyment. We've supported Child's Play as an extension of our sponsorship of the Acurazine forums.



Heeltoe supports automotive communities in order to keep up to date on the latest community happenings, and where we have provided financial support as advertisers.
















However, sometimes the lines get blurred between an automotive cause and a community cause. We would be remiss without acknowledging, originally, as one of the strongest foundations of the Honda/Acura online community. Most of the people from this group are old and decrepit, but this group of individuals soldiers on and many have become staples in the industry. We're honored to have been part of