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Coming Soon to the 1g RDX: Prothane Total Kits!

  • Posted: 10-15-2015 07:35 PM
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Prothane makes some of the best chassis bushings available, and for a very reasonable price. Chassis bushings made of rubber, as are standard in road-cars, are great at absorbing road irregularites, noise, and other such discomforts of municipal shortcomings.

But they are terrible for handling.

Rubber bushings can deflect under load, such as when cornering, leaving a vague and disconnected feeling behind the wheel. Acurazine user, KenB350Z took matters into his own hands and contacted Prothane for them to produce a complete Total Bushing kit for his RDX! was contacted to resell the kit, which shall be online before long to accompany our other Prothane offerings. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and sending half the underside of your TB1 to Socal for testing!


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