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CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox Intake, 92-95 Honda Civic (w/ B-Series Engine), 330-122

Part Number:
CT Engineering (Formerly Comptech USA)
Product Line:
Icebox Intake (for use with Cold Air Intake kit)
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Civic, 1992-95 (w/ B-Series Engine)
CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox Intake, 92-95 Honda Civic (w/ B-Series Engine), 330-122



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.Picks up air behind bumper / fog-light
Makes 8 hp and 7 lb/ft. over stock air intake on a car with CT headers and exhaust
Designed to not ingest water
Must be used with the OEM ITR Intake Tube
CARB legal
Application:  92-95 Honda Civic w/ B-Series Engine (non-GSR Manifold)
Installation time:  1.5 hours +/-

Customer Questions


I'm in the market for the CT-Engineering cold air intake assembly but I had a few questions. I have a 1996 Honda Civic DX with JDM B18C and air conditioning.

  • Will the assembly work in my vehicle?
  • My vehicle is daily driven where snow and rain are common, is water entering the intake an issue with this cold air setup?

I have my fender liners and front splash shield in use to protect from the elements.


While this intake would not work with a DX with a standard engine, it may well work with your swap. However it depends on if you have a GS-R or Type-R engine because the throttle body placement is different. The Type-R would be ideal. For more on the water issue, read here: Will My Cold Air Intake Suck Up Water and Hydroloc My Engine?

Q:What size is the opening for the air intake filter neck? I'm wondering if I can use this in conjunction with the High Flow Air Intake (310-009) and 3" OEM JDM ITR Intake Arm on my 1996 Honda Civic DX equipped with a JDM B18C ITR Engine and Air Conditioning.
A:Hello! I am sorry we do not have the dimension available at this time. We do believe this will work fine with your ITR intake tube, although you may need an adapter or other parts to get it all working right.
Q:I am swapping my 95 Civic with a B18B engine, so it will utilize an LS intake manifold. Would this work with the Type R intake tube, or do I need a different tube?
A:Yes, that combination should work!

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