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XLR8 Performance "Strip" Clutch & Flywheel Package, Late J-Series w/o Crank Triggers (08+ Accord, 07+ TL), XLR8-CS-J35-STRIP

Part Number:
XLR8 Performance
Product Line:
"Strip" Clutch & Flywheel Package
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda J35 Engines (08-17 Accord, 07-08 TL)
XLR8 Performance "Strip" Clutch & Flywheel Package, Late J-Series w/o Crank Triggers (08+ Accord, 07+ TL), XLR8-CS-J35-STRIP



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There has been a need for a good, reliable, high performance clutch for J-Series applications for a long time. One of the biggest issues with the standard clutch package in later model Honda/Acura V6 manuals is the use of a self-adjusting pressure plate. These pressure plates will more reliably maintain consistent performance over the life of the clutch, but are also a bit finicky and do not lend themselves well to meddling by clutch manufacturers trying to increase claming force.

At long last a clutch has been made which replaces the self-adjusting pressure plate with a more conventional clutch cover. These XLR8 kits has made through South Bend Clutches are an ideal for a performance clutch replacement package. They also come with awesome AASCO flywheels which are the best billet wheels you can buy. Additional power will make it to the wheels as the weight of this wheel is dramatically less than stock. Some people have expressed concern about this package replacing the standard dual-mass flywheel with a billet one, but the clutch discs supplied are dampened thereby nullifying the impact of the flywheel changes.


Manufacturer's copy:

XLR8 Clutch Systems are the result of many years of testing, experience and design. Frankly, we felt the clutch options on the market didn’t meet the needs of our customers so we worked very closely with a performance partner who specializes in clutch design and manufacturing to create a true clutch system that is durable, capable, and powerful. In other works it can handle your performance needs while still maintaining the drivability we’ve come to expect out of a clutch system.

The XLR8 clutch kits are a custom made, private label application designed specifically for your vehicle and come in a number of options, including Daily, Street/Strip and Drag.


This clutch kit was engineered for those with bolt on modifications.This kit includes a heavy duty pressure plate, which has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The organic disc material has a high metal content that increases the co-efficient of friction by two times over a stock lining and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. Overall, this clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability. The recommended usage is for a vehicle that is driven daily, for street performance or even a moderate race application. Torque capacity will be roughly 340 ft/lbs.


This clutch kit was engineered for the street/strip climate. The pressure plate is precision balanced for vibration free operation at high RPMs.The friction material is a kevlar design. The recommended usage is for a vehicle that is driven daily, for street performance or even those used for rally or endurance racing. Torque capacity will be roughly 425 ft/lbs.


This clutch kit was engineered to handle heavily modified cars and designed to function according to the specific needs of the drag strip/track. Discs are a segmented puck design (6 puck setups available), which reduces rotational mass and are assembled with all high carbon component pieces for maximum strength. The friction material used is graphite-impregnated ceramic, which is perfectly suited for drag racing because of its maximum friction co-efficient, rapid heat dissipation, and abrupt engagement characteristics. The recommended usage is for a vehicle that is used for drag racing or drifting. Torque capacity will be roughly 500 ft/lbs.

The XLR8 flywheels are made by AASCO Motorsports. AASCO has been manufacturing flywheels for over 20 years. Their unique ability to manufacture thousands of the highest quality OEM replacement light-weight flywheels as well as several hundred custom variations differentiates them from the competition. AASCO maintains a high level of quality control.

Each clutch kit and flywheel will be supported by the manufacturer’s warranty. Inquire for details.

Customer Questions

Q:Looking to upgrade my 2008 acura TL type s 6spd clutch, and I've heard alot of talk about these kits . No question this kit would be a huge upgrade over my now stock pkg , and would retain factory like peddle engagement and feel ? Does this kit come with everything I would require to do the clutch replacement. Also sry if I was to use the payment plan , is it an equal pymt plan ? Interest? Thanks guys Cheers Chris J

This clutch, as the upgraded "strip" level product, may feel a little heavier on the pedal and could feel more abrupt when the clutch engages. It may be advisable for strict daily use and ease of driving as a more basic clutch upgrade, to get the "Daily" clutch kit.

Yes this comes as a kit with a flywheel, clutch, and throw-out bearing.

Q:Reading. Online is it true that I will require more parts to complete this clutch job . A rear main seal And another bearing
A:A rear main seal is an optional Part that you could replace if you chose. It's a difficult seal to change and while the clutch is off it can be convenient to do it. However it's not required, it is purely optional. The throwout bearing is included with this kit.

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