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EndlessRPM V2 Quad-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust, 2009-14 Acura TL SH-AWD

Part Number:
Product Line:
Quad-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2009-14 (SH-AWD)
EndlessRPM V2 Quad-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust, 2009-14 Acura TL SH-AWD



This is the V2 - VERSION 2 STYLE. We inverted the inlets and outlets. So the inlet ( back side - has two going in, with the outside having one coming out to a quad tip design). You will never tell once installed and don't believe the "its not a true dual", but we did this inversion because we achieved what we feel and our customers feel as the best sounding catbacks for the car. You will be impressed once installed.

Also, the mid sections we included are non resonated AND resonated. You can install either section to compliment your taste, or change them over time if your tastes change.

Mufflers feature a wide-open, straight-through design which allows for optimal performance. The cans are made of heavy gauge steel, and packed with a resilient packing that will stand the test of time. (Comes with a lifetime warranty to original owner)

Piping is fabricated out of 2.5" 409 Stainless steel, which has a duller finish than 304, but is corrosion resistant and a little more workable and resistant to cracking. The EndlessRPM cat-back benefits from great robotic-welding program. Most of the MIG welds are done in a perfectly consistent fashion.

Customer Questions


I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.


I recently purchased this exhaust system, and I was wondering if i could purchase the piping piece that is now the resonator so that it is just the pipe no resonator?


To our knowledge, EndlessRPM does not sell these systems as sub-components. You may need to cut the resonator out of the existing system and replace it with a straight section of pipe.



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