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Car 101: What color is my car? Honda/Acura Guide to Paint Codes/Names/Variants!

Surprise...your car is not SILVER. It might be hard to describe your color properly, but when you have the color code at your disposal, you'll get the right parts every time!

So here is how to know for sure what color your car is (at least, a Honda or Acura!)

Here we have the #HTSpecMDX. What color is it?



Step 1: Pop open the Driver's door. Notice the sticker that says "Color?" That's your car's color code!



But what is the name of the color?


Step 2: Visit your car's page on's HTGarages (here is the HTSpecMDX's page). Edit your "Vehicle Specs" and start typing in the color code. The field auto-searches and reveals your color (if you've got a custom color or your is not listed, type and save it to add it! Be sure to save changes!



Awesome! Yeah? Now you know your car's color! But wait, there is more...


Just because you know the color code, does not mean you will get the "right color" from a paint shop with just this information.


There are actually slight variations on colors depending on where and when they were painted. Colors like Satin Silver Metallic and Nighthawk Black Pearl are widely used Honda colors applied to numerous models over many years and applied in various manufacturing plants. Because of these variances, colors that are the same code need a little extra info to tell paint shops what specific variation of the color is applied.


Step 3: Look at the 11th Digit of your VIN, to confirm what factory the car was painted at. Without this information, you cannot get the right tone of the color and you are going to get your parts painted juuust a little bit off.



So, if a paint shop sprays your car's front end and the bumper doesn't quite match...its probably because they got the pearl mix or metallic content off. Don't let someone tell you that the color comes out different just because the bumpers are plastic and the fenders are metal. That, my friends, is called "bullshit."


So there you are! That is how you know what color your Honda/Acura is!


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