Skunk2 HT Spec Pro Series Front Upper Adjustable Control Arm w/ Ball Joint, Pair, 2004-08 Acura TSX, Extended Neg. Camber, 516-05-0004

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Skunk2 HT Spec Pro Series Front Upper Adjustable Control Arm w/ Ball Joint, Pair, 2004-08 Acura TSX, Extended Neg. Camber, 516-05-0004

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HT Spec Pro Series
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Adjustable Control Arm w/ Ball Joint
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Extended Neg. Camber
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Front Upper


The Skunk2 Pro-Series camber kit features a one-piece forged Pro-Series ball joint with high-quality rubber bushings. These arms are produced from the ground up as a great option for adjusting camber on upper-wishbone cars. The steel hex bolts used to secure the ball joint are strong and are not prone to slipping when tightened properly (use a proper hex-bit socket, not Allen wrenches). The area around the camber adjusting plate is boxed in for rigidity and accurate handling.

Heeltoe finds this a great front camber adjustment option for the TSX/TL/Accord platforms due to the added shock tower clearance you get when lowered. Ingalls and SPC adjustable ball joint retrofits often cause clunking noises when the car goes over bumps due to their less clearance at the shock towers. We strongly recommend the Skunk2 from camber kits which avoid this issue!

The standard adjustment of the angle is advertised as +3 degrees in the adjustment range over the "natural" camber you get from lowering. Because this kit is designed around the 04-08 TSX and 03-07 Accord, although the 04-08 TL can use this kit as well, the range on the TL is not as much in the negative direction. If you are installing on an 04-08 TL the positive range will be greater and the negative range will be less, -1.1 degrees or so beyond "natural camber."

"Natural Camber" means if you lower the car and the camber goes to 1.75 degrees, that happens without any camber adjustment at all. It happens as a natural byproduct of lowering the car.

If this kit gives 1.5 degrees greater negative range, that means that, at the height you have, this kit will allow up to 2.85 degrees negative. That's really approximate and there are other factors involved, but that's how you work on figuring out if you need the extra range or not. These specs are approximated as differences in subframe indexing can cause variance from car to car.

Extended Negative Camber Range Option:
Please note that Heeltoe offers a version of this arm with the "Hella Flush" or Extended camber mod. This modification is one we perform to allow the user to move the knuckle farther toward the damper to give an even greater negative camber angle. It can add from 2-3 degrees of extra range on top of the advertised spec. However, note that your maximum adjustable angle will depend on the damper kit you use. Larger diameter damper bodies and airbag setups will not allow as much negative camber as standard dampers will because the steering knuckle will move inward and can cause an interference issue.

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