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Cheddas-Auto Billet Aluminum Camber & Toe Adjuster Plates, Rear, 1984-87 Honda CRX

Cheddas Auto
Product Line:
Camber/Toe Adjusting Billet Alignment Shim (Camber/Toe Adjusting)
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda CRX, 1984-87
Rear, Pair
Raw Aluminum
Cheddas-Auto Billet Aluminum Camber & Toe Adjuster Plates, Rear, 1984-87 Honda CRX

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The solid, semi-independent rear axle in early Civic/CRX/Integra models do not allow adjustment of the camber or toe in the rear from the factory. Long have people wanted a means of adjusting this the rear alignment without the use of cheap shims. Cheddas Auto has produced billet rear camber/toe plates for the "torsion bar" Honda/Acura models in a variety of sizes to allow adjustment of the rear end of this suspension system like has never been available before.

These adjustable shim plates allow you to select a set camber of 1, 2, or 3 degrees negative or positive. The slotted holes provide toe adjustment by simply rotating the part forward or back. These cars tend to have poor toe issues after lowering and until recently people have shimmed their rear spindles with washers. Within the kit has 2 plates of your choice and all the required hardware.

**Note a second driver side spindle is required for the passenger side to make this swap. It also removes the heavy swing arm bearing which not only locks the rear axle for better cornering, but it also removes quite a bit of weight (up to 15 lbs if the rear sway bar is removed). Pictured are the 3-degree pates which show a total of 3 degrees negative camber which tucks the wheels in .750" in on the top. As always an adjustable panhard bar is recommended for axle placement.

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