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CP-E Custom Performance Engineering Xcel Air Intake, Acura RDX 2007-12 ARDXXXWI

Part Number:
CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering)
Product Line:
Xcel Cold Air Air Intake System
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura RDX, 2007-12 (ALL)
CP-E Custom Performance Engineering Xcel Air Intake, Acura RDX 2007-12 ARDXXXWI



cp-e™ has a long history of making some of the finest cold air intakes available, and we are pleased to release our Xcel™ air intake for the Acura RDX!

The engine in the Acura RDX is the first Honda motor to feature forced induction, and is also one of the first Honda motors to feature a mass air meter. Although these substantial changes have thrown some aftermarket manufacturers for a loop, we capitalized on these changes and applied our highly successful tuning techniques to this new platform. And boy did it pay off! How does a gain of 19 horsepower to the wheels sound?

Like the rest of our Xcel™ air intake product line, we machine the RDX Xcel™ intake mass air meter housing from aluminum blanks to tolerances of +/- 0.002" (about the width of a human hair). Despite the accuracy of this machining step, the vast majority of our competitors do not machine their housings because it costs more then simply swedging a pipe to form the mass air sensor housing. We however make no compromises, and as a result our intakes are quite unique and highly effective.

The improvement gained from our air intake isn't limited just to performance. Removing the intricate baffling in the intake tract allows the end-user to hear all of the wonderful sounds that come from a properly turbocharged engine. You can hear the bypass valve operation, and you can finally hear the turbo spooling too! And of course, replacing all of that cheap black plastic with a high quality powder-coated really adds a "trick" look to the engine bay.

The XcelTM air intake comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.

About Pre-Filter option: Protect your cp-e™ air filter from the elements with the cp-e™ Pre-Filter. The cp-e™ Pre-Filter is made from a water- resistant polyester mesh and filters debris down to .005% Reducing this air flow clogging debris can extend the time between the servicing intervals of your filter.

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Customer Questions

Q:Do you need something to extend the MAF as its way back on stock intake?
A:No, this is a direct fit intake system.

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  • An excellent mod that you can live with everyday May, 17
    By Joseph Chadowski, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    For the record, I have the DFlow with pre-filter. Installation was a breeze in my driveway with simple tools. I was finished in under and hour. The only frustrating part of installation was the main pipe took a couple tries to fit in the engine bay. Performance wise, I love it! The power is noticeable, throttle response is improved and there is an awesome intake "woosh" during acceleration and "pew" when you let off the throttle. Basically when your in Drive, it feels like your in Sport. The best part is at idle, cruising and light acceleration there is literally NO noise from the intake, so everyday drivability is not affected.

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