Fastline Performance Spherical Compliance Bushing Set, Front Lower, 2pc, 2004-08 Acura TL (ALL), FLP-CABU1-CL9/SB-TSX-F2

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Fastline Performance Spherical Compliance Bushing Set, Front Lower, 2pc, 2004-08 Acura TL (ALL), FLP-CABU1-CL9/SB-TSX-F2

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Compliance Bushing Set
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Front Lower


The lower control arm compliance bushings on later model Honda and Acura cars are notorious for failing prematurely. This is especially the case for cars with V6 power-trains. The added weight and torque output of the engine wreaks havoc on these bushings, wearing them out in 60,000 miles or less. Very uncharacteristic for a product that is lauded for it's reliability.

Fastline Performance has teamed up with top-level design and production studio Pro-Car Innovations to release a permanent solution to the ever-problematic compliance bushing. Until now, all that could be done to remedy the issue was to replace with new OEM parts. PCI's highly engineered spherical bearing mount has been adapted for use on the popular late-model Acura vehicles that Heeltoe specializes in.

Included with this kit are a pair of spherical bearings encased in billet aluminum compliance bushing housings. The bearing housings are cnc machined from 6061 aluminum, and anodized. The mounting spacers are cnc machined from 4130 steel, and zinc plated. PCI warranties the product for up to 2 years from manufacturer defects.

Overall benefits:
Reduced torque steer
Better power delivery to the ground
Improved high-speed stability
Reduce wheel hop

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Customer Ratings + Reviews

Reviewed by Jason
on Nov 27, 2021
Less wheel hop
Freeze, after pressing out old huck wen 95% bet. Heat, light coat or grease and a dab of thread lock on 2 sides press right in let re acclimated and install. Enjoy less wheel hope or clacking from lower control are hitting subframe from junk factory bushings
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