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Heeltoe "Build My Own" Brake Package, 2004-08 Acura TL (Sport/TL-S w/ Brembo Calipers)

Part Number:
HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
"Build My Own" Brake Combo Package
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (Type-S & Sport w/ Brembo Calipers)
Front & Rear
Heeltoe "Build My Own" Brake Package, 2004-08 Acura TL (Sport/TL-S w/ Brembo Calipers)

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    Brake Pads (Front)

    Brake Pads are the part that makes the car stop smoothly and confidently, and Hawk Performance is Heeltoe's preferred brand for brake linings.

    For a sport pad that's "like stock, but better" go with the HPS.

    The HPS 5.0 provides a street and mild-track performance without the compromise in noise and dust of a track pad.

    The HP+ has long been a great choice for weekend warriors who drive to the track but don't want to change pads when they get there.

    Into track high performance or racing? The DTC-60 is a great race-competition choice.

    Brake Rotors (Front)

    Brake Rotors are the "heat sink" in your brake system. Your choice adds 2 rotors (a right and left) to your package.

    The basic Centric C-Tek is affordable and gets the job done. But for something "better than stock" the High-Carbon Centric/Stoptech Sportstop rotors are hard to beat. Choose Plain, Slotted, Drilled, or Drilled & Slotted finishes (don't let internet chatter concern you...for street cars, this is purely an aesthetic choice.) Choose the 2-Piece RB Performance for the ULTIMATE street and track performance rotor.

    Brake Fluid

    Choose Honda DOT3 for everything short of track-driving use. For track use, pick Motul RBF600. We'll provide 2 bottles for a complete flush.

    Brake Lines

    Fastline Performance brake lines are a no-brainer for your brake package. The added confidence with these lines will make your braking safer and more consistent. FEEL what your brakes are doing for better modulation. Fastline Performance brake lines are built to DOT specification and are direct OE replacement parts with included brackets and hardware.


    Much like the shoes on your feet, few brake parts will fit all car and driver needs the same. Because of this, Heeltoe Automotive has come up with the best way to buy brakes that fit your needs by allowing you to "Build My Own" brake package!

    We pioneered this method of ordering brakes back in 2008 in the Acurazine and TSXClub forums.

    Lots of things have changed since those days, and with the new tech of we have made the Build My Own brakes functionality better than ever!

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