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Fastline Performance Coated Braided Stainless Brake Lines, 2002-06 Acura MDX YD1

Fastline Performance
Product Line:
Braided & Coated Stainless Brake Line
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura MDX, 2002-06
Front & Rear, Set
Fastline Performance Coated Braided Stainless Brake Lines, 2002-06 Acura MDX YD1



14% below retail


Stainless braided brake lines are an essential part of any braking improvement effort. 

Upon pressing the brake pedal firmly, rubber brake hoses will expand and reduce brake fluid pressure acting on the pads and rotors. The situation gets worse as the rubber deteriorates with heat and the elements, and the result is reduced braking ability.

Factory rubber brake hoses are replaced with Fastline Performance Stainless Steel brake lines. Fastline Brake lines are built to DOT standards and specifications to give a safe, long-lasting improvement to your overall braking confidence. These lines are not prone to deterioration as factory rubber ones are; Fastline Performance brake lines provide a firmer, more confident brake pedal feeling that gives the driver a real sense of control. Another benefit of these Fastline Performance brake lines is the extra measure of safety they promote, as they are highly resistant to being cut by flying debris or vandals.

Fastline Performance lines also come with a thick, durable pastic coating to keep grime out of the stainless mesh. Over time, chaffing of dirt against the inner Teflon tube can cause premature wear. This is no concern with Fastline brake lines!

Included in package:

  • Coated lines for each corner of the vehicle, fittings pre-installed
  • Durable metal brackets with rubber isolators
  • New banjo-bolts and copper washers as needed

Don't settle for cheap parts where heat and caustic chemicals are playing with your safety. Fastline Performance Coated Stainless Braided Brake Lines are a great solution for your improved-braking demands!

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