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Real feedback after the install: Cheap eBay parts aren't for serious enthusiasts

  • Posted: 04-04-2014 11:44 AM
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Much like that old antique store teeming with trinkets but old and older, eBay at first glance holds a treasure trove of fantastic bargains.

But, one must be an educated buyer to know what they are getting into. It is important to realize that not all items described in pixles are really comparable to eachother. As one of our online forum-mates recently revealed in a post on, great deals include more than bullet points and price.

The thread starts off in late 2010 where a thrilled enthusiast posts that he's gotten some exhaust pieces that are known "bargain" parts. Not being dissuaded by the occasional criticism, the thread stays intense for a couple weeks, culminating in some videos and many pats on the back for the OP for sticking to his convictions.

Fast forward 8 months, and the thread is revived by a couple more skeptical people, citing that quality costs money. This is definitely true. Facts are facts. The reason many low priced parts are low priced is because they are not using good materials and the workers' wages are lower. The piping is some alloy of pot metal and tin foil which is not only brittle but rust-prone.

Then, only just a couple days ago, this post appeared which coincided with the deletion of the original text:

"Anyone looking at these ebay systems should look right past them. I bought this 4 years ago, 4 years is alot of time to learn. This system fell apart a few months later, its built like shit, isnt true stainless, and the welds are terrible. I bought a Js racing system shortly after and have never looked back.

'Stay away from the fake crap, its bad for the hobby. I realize thats being hypocritical considering I purchased a fake part, but people make mistakes and learn from them."

I applaud the poster for continuing the thread he started. Not enough respect is given to the permanence of posts. We, as users, should demand that reviews and feedback include long-term accounts of performance, not just the new-in-box, glimmering euphoria that comes from a shiny new part.

That said, we do understand there is a place in the market for low priced parts. The do fill a need, but the important lessons learned from experiences with these product should be shared in a constructive way.


04-04-2014 03:21 PM at 3:21 PM
The thing is, that as the prices of the tsx go down, its brings with it new people such as myself who aren't able to afford genuine parts for the car. If someone is paying $7k for a car, they don't have the same amount of disposable income as someone who bought the car brand new for $35k.

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