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New updates made to HTSpec Stage 4 Brake Package

  • Posted: 03-09-2012 12:38 PM
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Formerly, this kit was a one-piece up-sized rotor option kit for TSX/TL/CL vehicles. Here are the latest attributes to the HTSpec Stage 4 kit.

The kit is now OEM sized with a 4-pot caliper from Racingbrake. Basically this is a Stage 3 kit with a very nice caliper. Stage 5 kits will be bigger rotors than stock now.

RB's caliper design is really second to none. Here is a list of features:

  • Caliper Body: Made of forged 6061-T6. Light weight at only 4.5lbs, these new RB4000 calipers are re-designed and built for the toughest brake jobs with extended service life before any rebuild is required.
  • Low Profile: Together with RB Center-Mount design two-piece rotors, you hardly even need to require a spacer to install the kit, even with stock wheels! Requires 16" or larger wheel size.
    Fitment Diagram
    Determine if this brake kit will fit your wheels.
    View diagram.
  • Piston Material: Made of stainless steel instead of aluminum commonly used by other caliper mfgrs which can substantially reduce the heat transfer (approx 1/10 of aluminum) from the pad to brake fluid. Pistons are vented to further reduce the heat contact area and improve air circulation thereby reducing more heat transfer.
  • Dust Seal: Our dust seal is of built-in type (instead of external boot type) uniquely designed to shield the dust and foreign material from contamination and will not rip - as commonly seen on boot type dust seals.
  • Hardware: Brake pad pins and banjo connections were re-designed for easier brake line connection and brake pad replacement.
  • Surface Coating: Powder coating with most durable finish for lasting appeal.
  • Hardware: Most hardware is made of stainless steel for durable performance and appearance.
  • Never Get Lost Bleeder Cap: Newly designed with a retaining loop so you will never have to find it again and/replace the lost ones. (made of durable EPDM)
  • Use standard FMSI brake pads (D647): A very common P/N (same as WRX 4-pot fix pistons calipers, plenty of choice for suppliers and compounds.
  • Pre-loaded Brake Pads: Brake pads are shipped pre-loaded to caliper from our warehouse
    Preloaded caliper
  • Caliper Color: Choose your caliper color - Available in Red or Black.
    Preloaded caliper
  • Made in USA: Calipers are designed, fully assembled and hydro-tested in our Fullerton, CA facility, with full after sales support/service.
  • Mounting: RacingBrake calipers are mounted to the adaptor with two high strength alloy steel bolts in a radial direction (top mount) - from the caliper down to the adaptor. Stock Brembo and cast iron fixed piston calipers are mounted in an axial direction (side mount), from the spindle to caliper. A top mount caliper is more rigid than a side mount caliper.

The Stage 4 Kits are available for the following cars: 04-08 TSX 09- TSX 99-03 TL 04-08 TL 01-03 CL


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