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Need a refund because I sold my car!

  • Posted: 03-04-2014 12:35 PM
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We are amazed at how many people order a part only to cancel it within a week or two because they sold their car. We also hear a lot about people's cars getting in wrecks and getting stolen, which those situations cannot be helped. But sold the car? We had one order last week where the customer sold the car the same day they bought the part!

At some point, the car is consciously for sale and you know that it is going to be gone if someone offers what you want for it. We can also understand doing maintenance or other things to bolster the value of a car that is for sale. But buying mod parts; like cat deletes and wings, and suspension?

Maybe these folks just changed their mind but don't feel like we would allow a cancellation or return for that reason (not true, we don't discriminate). Here at Heeltoe Automotive we have a really easy-going attitude toward canceling orders that have not shipped yet. As a small business you want every sale you can get. We don't fight you though. This is just a curious social habit that we see more often than we'd expect.

Post car for sale, buy spoiler, sold car, cancel spoiler. We can't wrap our head around how that happens.



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