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Ingalls Engineering Needs a 2009-14 Acura TSX Test Car

  • Posted: 02-16-2014 12:09 PM
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Excessive engine movement saps power and makes manual transmission vehicles notably more difficult to drive. Ingalls Engineering has an excellent product for reducing engine movement called the Stiffy Engine Torque Damper (ETD for short).

Heeltoe Automotive successfully markets the Stiffy ETD for many Honda and Acura vehicles, but an option for the CU2/CW2 Acura TSX does not yet exist.

Ingalls Engineering is on the lookout for a 2009-14 Acura TSX test vehicle in Colorado to develop a Stiffy ETD for. If you are in the Colorado area and are interested in being a tester for a Stiffy ETD, contact us at and we will connect you with the appropriate person at Ingalls to make plans!


07-31-2014 05:36 PM at 5:36 PM
Any word on release date?


MrHeeltoe: Unfortunately no...the test car we had lined up fell through. Anyone have a 2009-14 TSX in the Denver, CO area?
03-31-2014 03:16 PM at 3:16 PM
Any updates on when ingalls when start producing and selling the stiffy etd for the cu2/cw2 tsx?
MrHeeltoe: Unfortunately we still need a test car in Colorado, as the tester we had flaked out.
02-28-2014 01:38 PM at 1:38 PM
FYI: I have an appt with Ingalls for this fitting on March 7th.

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