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HTSpec V2 Damper Kits : History and informative links

  • Posted: 12-10-2011 03:30 PM
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Here is a link to the support document supplied with the HTSpec Version 2.0 damper kit. It should answer most, if not all, the questions you have about the kit!

HTSpec V2 Damper Kit Support Document

On the HTSpec V2 Damper Kit ordering page, we outline the sort of customer we feel the kit should appeal to:

HTSpec Version 2.0 Order Page

The HTSpec damper kit is made by Function/Form Autolife. Before Heeltoe came along, the only application that was available didn't fit without modification and rode pretty bad. This TSXClub thread chronicles the development of the HTSpec suspension kit for the 04-08 Acura TSX.

TSXClub Development thread

Here is a recent review of Heeltoe services and the function in a TL:

Acurazine review of the system on a TL (showing you don't need to SLAM your car to look good)

A very good TSX review that even covers the switch to Version 2.0 tuning:

TSX Club Review Thread



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